By pretty princess - 01/02/2009 08:55 - United States

Today, my cat, who is very 'don't-ever-touch-me', jumped up next to me as if she wanted to be stroked. In reality, she wanted to share a hellish fart. I need a new cat. FML
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my girlfriend does this

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Thats so great! I love your cat! lol.


my girlfriend does this

Hate it when that happens.

Your own fault for having a cat.

What's wrong with cats? They have just as much right to be in a home as any other thing, be it animal or man.

I tend to agree.... Most cats aren't that nice

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Thats so great! I love your cat! lol.

I lol'd so hard at this. Your cat is awesome.

aha #2...I feel sorry for you...LMAO!! funny cat... :P

I hate cats.

I hate you.

Oh what thats wierd. Maybe you should get a new cat. jk

Dont get a new cat, this one is obviously smart and likes you in a cute weird way

Your cat likes you! Sharing is caring!

What's a touch me not cat?

The cat doesn't want to be touched. Not too difficult a concept really. Cats suck anyways.