By epistaxis - Australia
  Today, my nephew asked me how babies are made. I thought he'd had this chat with his mom, but I went in to it again. After a 20 minute 'discussion', he says "So what about the good stuff - get to the blowjobs and the lesbians." He's 11. FML
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  Kurg  |  0

Grrr why does it always skip the first comment I post.
I was saying it's scary, I'm only thirteen yet I see kids that are years younger than me, talking about stuff I never knew about when I was their age.

By  MCart_fml  |  0

I started using the internet at age 8. By 11 I knew more than what's included in the "everything you ever wanted to know..." book. Tell his parents to get an internet filter, but it's probably faaaar too late for that.

By  arienh4  |  0

I knew this kind of stuff at age 6 actually. A friend of mine, who was 4 years older told me. Well, the phrases. In The Netherlands we have a 'kindertelefoon' (childphone) which is a number you can call and talk about anything. Including sexual terms. If you're six.

  hapy_pig098  |  13

I learned in 3rd grade since i mostly hung out with guys and this is embarassing but i thought ladys had to get thier stomach cut to get the baby out and not that they had to push it out of "that" hole until i was 11