By epistaxis / Thursday 29 January 2009 02:31 / Australia
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Grrr why does it always skip the first comment I post. I was saying it's scary, I'm only thirteen yet I see kids that are years younger than me, talking about stuff I never knew about when I was their age.

I started using the internet at age 8. By 11 I knew more than what's included in the "everything you ever wanted to know..." book. Tell his parents to get an internet filter, but it's probably faaaar too late for that.

I knew this kind of stuff at age 6 actually. A friend of mine, who was 4 years older told me. Well, the phrases. In The Netherlands we have a 'kindertelefoon' (childphone) which is a number you can call and talk about anything. Including sexual terms. If you're six.


I learned in 3rd grade since i mostly hung out with guys and this is embarassing but i thought ladys had to get thier stomach cut to get the baby out and not that they had to push it out of "that" hole until i was 11

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