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Sorry to threadjack, but OP, please try to get your mother help. My uncle died due to his alcoholism (he was drunk and shot himself and some organ had been damaged too badly by the drinking and so he bled out, sorry I don't remember exact details it was 8 yrs ago) and my aunt has never been the same. Don't lose your mother to the horrible monster that is alcoholism.

By  Goream  |  8

My mother always told me she wasn't an alcoholic because she never drank a full beer/cup of wine. She would always leave like a 1/4 inch at the bottom and start a new one. "I'm not drunk, i haven't even finished one yet" her exact words to me almost daily. i feel ya.

  Xamry14  |  10

That is false information. Alcoholism is categorized as a disease so anyone that is dependent on alcohol is an alcoholic. That's like saying a schizophrenic person isn't actually schizophrenic until they get treatment
a drug addict isn't an addict until they go to rehab. It's a ridiculous notion.