By ke - 29/01/2010 05:10 - United States

Today, I did something clever at work and I was telling one of the other girls about it. I said "Just using my noodle" and went to tap my temple but instead I jabbed myself in the eye. FML
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drunk you failed your own soberiety test

you are too freeeekin smart for life :P

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YDI for saying something as stupid as 'just using my noodle.'

YDI for being a fully qualified noob :)

As much as it sucks to get jabbed in the eye, how the hell can you do that? You should be able to touch any reachable part of your body, blindfolded, and on command.

nah, I just did that, I touched my head with my index finger quickly and poked my eye with my middle finger's knuckle

hahaha your an idiot. Thanks for making my shit night better with your stupidity.

yet another victim of the you/you're rule ^. YOUR stupidity has made my night alot better :)

...yet another victim of the "a lot" spelling situation. two words, not one. also person with the rat, I love rats. :) I have two.

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ydi, dumbass. funny though...