By Anonymous - United States
  Today, this guy I have been hanging out with for a while came over and we were about to do it. He pulled off my clothes and once I was naked I reached for his zipper. He just backed up and said he was a virgin and simply wanted to see me naked. FML
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  lunaticsol  |  0

He's a virgin and nervous about having sex. Normally I'm not one to put down anyone for their sexual freedom, but seriously, stop being such a slut and FML'ing over the fact that not every man will immediately fuck anything insight given half a chance.

If you care about him and want to build a relationship, help him out. You've got a great opportunity.

If you were just out for the sex and don't want the hassle of dealing with a virgin, then hop some other cock, there are plenty out there.

  Dalarsco  |  0

She wasn't rebuked when she made a move. I think it's reasonable to assume that someone who is getting you naked wants to at least fool around. Even if he didn't want full intercourse it should have been safe to assume he wanted some sort of sexual activity.

  Jackal_X  |  0

I actually never understand this virgin thing, cause I don't masturbate often, and when I did it my first time we went at it like a beast for 3 hours without even a condom and she had to go home, I never even came.
It's sad op, I think that guy is weird like you and want to see you baked
but then not get intimate, he seems like a perverted Christian. FYL =( I hate those peoples.

  caticaticati  |  3

People who feel the need to actually pay attention to those that call places obviously don't have much of a life, either.

And before you say anything about me not having a life for calling someone out for calling someone else out, it's 3:50 AM and I truly DON'T really have anything better to do.

  MoobyTheCow  |  2

What a witty comeback, caticaticati.

You see, the reason that people who call places should submit FMLs is because numbers are already marked on their posts. A person who needs to count the clearly numbered posts out loud to practice her or his numbers clearly has the counting skills of a very young child, and thus is deserving of our pity.

JarJar didn't say that people learning their numbers have no life. He said they have a sad life. He and I both empathize with these poor people; think of how difficult a simple task such as buying groceries must be! These people need our help, our support, and our understanding of their condition!

How dare you imply that JarJar has no life! He is giving what he can to help those posters who can't count, and you're mocking him for it? He is a hero, a role model for us all. If only we were half as generous as he, the number of mathematically challenged posters on this site would plummet.

  humorizer  |  14

You guys still don't get it...

The only reason they write "FIRST!" or "THIRD?" is to get angry comments directed at them.

You guys may feel like you're superior for saying "Oh, you people are stupid. Shut up, no one cares." but the truth is.... the original counter is the superior one because he/she tricked you into posting an angry response.

Remember, you didn't force HIM to write "first!'; but HE forced you to write an angry reply.

That is all. You may copy/paste this statement as you please.

  Intoxicunt  |  5

This made me laugh.
Seriously, though...
If you've seen a few naked women, you're not really going to be amazed by the next one.
That guy was just lame, although I think this FML is fake.

By  delfinofrank  |  0

YDI for being a whore. You don't go around having sex with just some guy you have been "hanging out with for a while". You should get to know him more personally for a quite a long time before showing him your va-jay-jay.

  mamasita40  |  13

You're calling her a whore for trying to get it on with dude she's known for a while? A while is not a day, week or month. Relax Maybe you need to clear your cobwebs out, find yourself a guy & wait 2 years before he gets unlucky.

By  TheBigDawg  |  8

::facepalms:: This, what a nub.

I'm a virgin, but if I was in a situation where a girl allowed me to pull off her clothes, the only thing that'd stop me is whether or not I had a condom. Even then, we'd just have to hold off long enough to go buy some.

YDI? Not at all. FHL for passing up the opportunity.