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  sandi315  |  0

should have listened to your parents when they said pets were a big responsibility. Well I've sorta been there. I was dedicated to manually hand feeding my cat because I thought she had an eating disorder. turns out she was only a bit shy cuz we have just gotten her.
my point is, maybe something will come through OP.

  MasterL  |  3

i respect ur perspective, but u should know that this app, in a way, is a social network. this means that u have people all over the world communicating with eachother. i could care less whether u like or in ur case, dont like the way that i type. so plz dont cause trouble.

By  godlybacon  |  5

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  jess2gd4u  |  0

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  dre_bro11  |  12

2, just say someone you love got sick and you had to look after them would you give them away? I don't think so.

Just like OP loves her pet, she doesn't want to give it away.

And to those saying you can't compare a pet to a human, why not?
They breathe, see, hear, smell, eat, feel, sleep etc, too.

  xmayne  |  0

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  zendaddy0  |  0

dude everyone who says we cant compare humans to animals please be quiet it dinosaurs were still alive don't you think they would say they were above us probably yes because their huge and just love the taste of a human sammich

  Jenmaree  |  9

The difference is that an animal can't understand why it is in pain, it can't understand why its owner is going to have to essentially ass-rape it every time it gets impacted, which is a very very unpleasant condition in itself.

Sometimes it is kinder to get an animal put down rather than let it suffer.

  CitrusGirl  |  0

People who say "oh animals don't have feeling blah blah blah bullshit" obviously have never had a pet they've become really close to.
Have you ever met a dog that was beaten as a puppy? They're almost always shy, timid, and unsocial. Just like people who were beaten as children.
Animals definately have memories and emotions. Just because they can't express them with words doesn't mean they're not there.

  iSurf_fml  |  8

108 & 111- JESUS Christ. Have a fucking heart. Ever had to look a puppy in the eyes before it had to be put down when you were eight? Because I'll sure as hell bet animals have feelings after a first-hand experience like that. Just because science says they're mindless dosnt mean they are.


128 they are similar in many ways. I own two, and they are smart, clean, know their names and to come when called, are potty trained, NEED socialization. If rats don't have a companion, they develop many different problems with their mental, and physical health. You can also see the bond they form with you as the owner over time as well as with each other.

Once, it was cold in my room and there was a walmart bag laying near the cage. When I came home they managed to get the bag in the cage, tear it up into strips, and form a sort of igloo type thing with it that went over and around their bed.

anyone who said rodents, or animals in general are stupid, and don't know what's going on should just be put down themselves for being so ignorant.

  mduffy08  |  8

179, wow they did all of that by themselves? hmm.. I suppose they can do logarithms and maybe even build a freaking 20 story building? Can they create their own business? Can they donate to charities from their own bank account? Wait.. can they even access/register a bank account? If they need socialization, why is it animals thrived long before humans. If we are not superior then animals, then mother nature would have eradicated us by now. It's natural selection, we are the most perfected species. in a scientific view at least. But I prefer to think of MAN created equal to one another by god.

  TaylorTotsYumm  |  10

"There is one thing we can say with assurance: animals do not think in words. This by itself means that cats and dogs and horses do not possess anything quite like human intelligence or reflective self-consciousness. Animal awareness, whatever it is like, must be more immediate and reactive. Humans grasp thoughts and manipulate them like hand tools, using symbol systems. Animals must live more "in the moment," with awareness that is dependent upon immediate stimulation.

One of my children asked me, after we moved from one house to another, whether our cat "remembered the old house." I replied that we have good evidence that cats dream, so our cat might dream about the old house. If she was brought back to the old house, she would remember it and know how to navigate around it. But I also explained that cat's do not have language, so the cat never thinks, "I wonder what is going on at the old house" or "I miss the old house." Human awareness is so dominated by language that it is difficult for children (or adults) to appreciate how very different our consciousness would be if we totally lacked language of any type. Our ability to use language helps us remember the past, by preserving a symbolic code that can be used to stimulate our mental process and simulate previous experiences. Animals cannot do this.
Probably the closest we get to the consciousness of an alinguistic creature (i.e. a non-human animal) is in the moment after awakening to an alarm clock when our brain is not yet fully functioning. We nevertheless see our environment and react well enough to get out of bed, perform basic body functions, and start our day. But for that moment we may experience consciousness without the characteristic inner chatter of humans. During that time our consciousness is very direct and sensory-oriented, and we may greet a friendly dog or cat more or less as alinguistic equals.
It is probably fair to assume that non-human animals have a sort of non-linguistic consciousness. This seems obvious to many pet owners and people well acquainted with species like horses that interact intelligently with humans."

The limbic system is responsible for emotions and memory. If you compare the limbic system of a human to that of a guinea pig, proportionally, you'll see that the human's is larger.
Humans are more complex mammals.

iSurf, science doesn't say they're mindless, just that all mammals are not exactly alike subconsciously.

Keevarou, why are you bringing up genetic similarities? Of course guinea pigs and humans will have some genetic similarities, they're both chordates.

  Alphonsuuuu  |  0

Really? "The most perfected species?" I rarely hear such bigotry and megolomania. We are animals. What sets us apart is our intelligence and our ability to alter the environment. That doesn't make us the "best."

We are not superior to all animals because we exist; every single species today has survived and evolved alongside us. We aren't some cosmic "end product," no matter how large your ego.

We are the smartest. We are not the fastest. We don't have the best senses. We are not the strongest. We use technology for that. But hell, we aren't even the most successful or prolific life forms. Try ants. Or bacteria. They don't even have brains, yet they're the dominant life form on Earth.


35 - are you serious ? wow, hopefully you dont have any pets. you wouldnt 'put down' a person for a treatable health problem, so you shouldnt do that to an animal. i hate when people view animals as disposable objects.

196 - actually i have owned a rat before and they are very intelligent. mine also would stay when told and would come to me when i called him, mine also knew his name, and would use things around him to make a 'shelter'. dont underestimate the intelligence of an animal.


oh and i just noticed this and had to say something and maybe im wrong because i didnt read the whole comment but didnt 200 say 'one of my children asked me' and then said they had so much time on their hands because they were grounded ? idk just seemed weird.

  zonbieman  |  0

what a bad argument 196. a lot of humans can not do those things either. your trying to tell us that your value and the amount that your life should be respected is based on your intelligence. and yes, animals needn't socialize and have been doing it well before people came around, it's called socializing with other animals.

also, superiority and eradication are not mutually inclusive concepts. one doesn't equal the other.

  mduffy08  |  8

222, well yeah intelligence does actually have fucking worth in this world. If you believe that "everybody is special" speech when you were younger, that's

  iCHEA3RY  |  0

well my guinea pig has worms that come and go and I'm putting my guinea pig down.. I feel it's the right thing to do so do what ever you think is right op.

  dogpup4  |  23

137, well said. Proves how pets have emotions - things can impact (I swear no pun intended) their lives and have bad effects on them for many years. My aunt's dog was abused by her previous owner and is now terrified of and defensive against strangers.

  chlorinegreen  |  27

when you get a animal that depends on you feel like your a mother/father of some sort to that animal and do what you can to make there lives comfortable. rodent or not it's still a pet. op I'm sorry fyl but I commend you for doing it as gross as it is. I hope for your sake that it doesn't get worse.