By otter - United States

Bad pig!

Today, my potbellied pig ate my neighbor's award-winning flower garden, that she has been growing for almost three years. She'd told me that she was bringing the judges of the competition, in which she was in line to win $300, to her house in two days. I have yet to tell her. FML
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  IndiRae  |  9

300 dollars doesn't seem worth three years of a persons life. Especially considering they most likely spent a hell of a lot more than that on the garden in those years.

  Jaimegirl  |  7

3 years of work for one competition that will award you only $300??... Also how would she not realize that her garden is already destroyed by now? haha

  faithxoxox  |  1

I don't understand how this is OP's FML. it sounds more like it should say Today, my asshole neighbor's pig ate my flower garden. I've been growing it for three years and was going to bring judges over in two days, hoping to win $300. FML

  katt_is_here  |  24

No, not lucky. Pigs are JERKS! My best friend has one. If you are in the house long enough, the pig starts to challenge you for dominance by following you around, rooting you with its snout and biting at your toes. The only way to make it leave you alone is to straddle it and press it down a little. This makes the pig scream out in a murderous, high pitched squeal from the bowels of hell. You have to do this until you can pet it and calm it down. It doesn't hurt the pig to do it, but it will hurt your ears A LOT.

After getting to know this animal, I understand why policemen and politicians are called "pigs."

  liy223  |  6

Look on the bright side. Op has got to be the first person ever in FML history to begin a story with the words "today my potbellied pig..."

  paprikacha  |  9

The pig starts to challenge you for dominance. The PIG starts to challenge YOU, the person who probably ate its mother and father for breakfast that morning, for dominance. This reminds me of my chihuahuas running at Rottweilers like there's any other way this situation could go down. XD

Also, any pig that challenges me in my own f*cking house is going between two slices of bread for breakfast. o_o

  shorty6823  |  28

It all depends on the pig. I've had 3. Because they are males who are not neutered, yeah, they'll be territorial and shoe dominance. However, they are nor mean and they would never aim to hurt anyone. One of them, Mu, only shows dominance to the other pig, Olliver, because Ollie is a new pig and Mu is "king of the pig pen." Pigs are not house pets. They like mud and fresh grass.

  sxe_beast  |  11

But the right thing would be to give her the 300 dollars. Who cares if they wouldn't have won? All that effort put into it and the OP's lack of control over their pet... Just cough up the 300 dollars. Its not that much and the least the OP can do.

  bankrupt  |  15

Yes 123, you are absolutely right. If the OP can't control his or her animal, then the OP should pay up.

Really, OP, what an asshole move to not tell your neighbor that your unattended animal trashed her property.

This is exactly WHY I hate pets. The person who owns the animal and the person who gets stuck putting up with the animal's shitty behavior are never the same person.

  sxe_beast  |  11

No, I was wrong I can get like nearly 4 tanks of gas on $300 (like 3.75). So I was wrong. I completely fail at math :(!. My SUV is a gas guzzling beast. I should have gotten a Prius, lol.

  pita2423  |  10

I agree, or just have ur pet stay at someone's house until it all blows over. and tell her it died a few days ago before the event happened and then say u got a new one.

  Skoff_fml  |  27

doesn't matter whether she would win, she now has zero chance due to OP not securing their pig. Replacing all of the plants will probably cost about that much.