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Today, my mother still refuses to acknowledge my son as her grandson, all because I had a C-section, which she says is unnatural and against God's will. I only had the C-section in the first place for health reasons. FML
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How dare you be careful with your own life?! That's not gods will! In all seriousness though, do you really want a crazy, over-zealously religious woman like that be near your son? Be thankful, maybe?

Maybe that wasn't an option 2000 years ago. Neither was half the stuff she owns.


Maybe that wasn't an option 2000 years ago. Neither was half the stuff she owns.

How dare you wear pants?!? In Jesus's day, they didn't have zippers.

Preeetty sure there's nothing in the Bible forbidding surgery anyway. Worst you'll get are rules about bodily fluids being unclean, and the required purification process.

I'd just like to point out that OP didn't say her mother was a Christian. She could be Jewish or Muslim or some other monotheist, or belong to some obscure cult.

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She said God. Muslim named there God Allah. So she could be Jewish or Christian or Catholic.

Funny how you say "Christian or Catholic". Catholics are the majority of Christians.

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Of course it was an option! What does the C stands for? And it is pretty sure it existed before.

Besides, if OP were Jewish I'm sure they'd write 'G-d' instead of 'God '.

#92, OP wouldn't necessarily follow the same faith as her mother, and all FMLs go through an editing process in which spelling and wording are altered.

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How dare you be careful with your own life?! That's not gods will! In all seriousness though, do you really want a crazy, over-zealously religious woman like that be near your son? Be thankful, maybe?

Just because we happen to believe in Christ doesnt mean we are just "religious people". We see Christ as Truth. Saved by Grace. This woman over reacted and shouldnt have said hat. She doesnt know God's will. God has more important things to take care of than worry about than a C-section. On behalf of Christians everywhere, we are sorry you experienced that. I hope she knows what she said was false

Why are people downvoting my comment? I did not say anything hurtful to OP... I am, in fact, on her side

It's the internet. People do not like religion and flip at the slightest sign of Christianity.

That is true. Thanks for taking a progressive approach to this. I appreciate that. Just a little frustrated when Im even on her side lol.

#25 I guess the crazy, overzealous qualifier was the main point. Some people are simply addled in the brain; and that plus lack of secular education and therefore critical thinking skills is generally when religion becomes destructive. (Of course people with religion can be critical thinkers, a la almost every philosopher before modernism but the point is human mania and superstition distorts the good will of True Religion, an individual's holy relationship with God).

Well, it is her mother. Can't blame her for wanting her child to have a caring grandmother, can you?

Check the headstones in church graveyards, especially those with older headstones. Most often you will see an unusually large number of headstones with both mother and child dead on the same day. Sad, but it's the choice they make...

People like that aren't worth the paper they're printed on.

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against God's will my ass. Why would he create a species with the intelligence to learn then perform c-sections if he hated them.... also I'm sure the bible would reference it and if the all knowing being didn't clearly he didn't care about c-sections to begin with

Is it just me or are people getting more sensitive by the day...? People get offended by the littlest of things! OP, your mom is unreasonable! I'm glad that you and your son are well and alive

I know, right?! People will get offended by absolutely anything!

I don't think it's a new thing in this case. It's rather old shit which hopefully dies out because people get offended by this.

Yes, but does she understand why? You know how religious nuts can be. If it isn't the way He designed it, then to Hell with it. Then again, I was born through C-section, and my Grandma does not think any less of me.

The mother is also horrible wrong. The bible actually says that women 'will' have pain in childbirth NOT 'must' have. It also says nothing about it having to be a natural birth. And even so, having a C-section is no picknick either, so her conclusion is still wrong...

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It bugs me when people drag God into stuff like this for no apparent reason!!-_-!!

It makes me kinda ashamed to be a Christian with others out there acting like this through his name...

Also, this is why I don't even trust home births to shit. The reason the C-section was needed for me was because the cord was wrapped around my neck, and doctors needed to get in there to unwrap it. If she'd had a home birth… uggh.

They freak me out too. Like, childbirth was the #1 killer of women and infants for pretty much all of **** sapien history?

I don't know if anyone else will find this interesting (albeit gross/tmi), but back before C-sections were a viable, safe option for mothers, if there was a serious problem (e.g. cord wrapped around the neck, or baby is presenting sideways rather than coming out head first) the only way for a midwife to save a baby AND the mother without surgery/proper tools is to literally reach one or both hands into the ******, past the cervix and manouver the baby/umbilical cord to a better position. There's instructions with diagrams on how to do this properly in like 18th or 19th century midwife books. Without anaesthetics, I can't imagine how painful and gruesome that must have been for the poor mother.Thank god for modern medicine. Also, in reply to OP's insane mother, C-sections WERE performed back in Jesus' time - it's just that the mother never survived it. Back then if there was a serious problem with the delivery, you had a choice - you could cut open the mother, killing her but saving the baby, or you could do some horrible invasive things to get the baby out while trying to save the mother - but killing the baby in the process. The first successful C-section in which BOTH mother and baby survived is thought to have happened in the 1600s - a pig farmer/butcher cut open his wife and somehow both she and child lived. Hope you all enjoyed these fun facts lol

Just did a little research to double-check if anyone's interested - turns out the two-handed method to rotate the baby inside the uterus was first published in 1690 by a German midwife 'Justine Siegemundin' - so I apparently underestimated midwives' skill by a couple of centuries. It was possible (though still risky) to safely deliver babies that today would normally require a C-section, as early as 1690 apparently, provided you had a midwife who knew what she was doing. So there you have it - in case anyone is seriously planning for a zombie apocalypse and what to prepare for if their wife/gf is in labour, now you know. Diagrams are on wiki.

That was actually quite interesting, 60/65. Thanks for the info!

Is this an actual religious thing? Maybe you can reach out to your mom's preacher/minister/religious leader person and ask them to advocate for your son. Or, maybe God's giving you an easy out to keep a nutty, judgemental zealot out of your kid's life. Whatever you decide to do, OP, congrats on your kid! And good on you for doing the safe and healthy thing, it seems like you're already on track to being a great mom.

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I've only had much exposure to Christian and Catholic circles, but I've never heard this before in my life. All I've heard is people advocating for the life of the baby, which is what OP was doing?? If we wanna talk about "unnatural," then ANY surgery for anything is against God's will. Just remind her of that when she gets older and breaks a hip, OP. Oh, and wearing contacts, driving, and using phones is out too.

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There are people who believe just that. There was a case I was reading where a teenager died having seizures in a prayer circle. She was undiagnosed diabetic and nobody would take her to a doctor, because it was "against God's will". Jehovah's witnesses refuse blood transfusions, even in life threatening circumstances. Which to me is fine of you're an adult. I'm not ok with refusing basic medical care to kids.

So a C-section is "unnatural and against God's will"? So is the car she drives, the computer she uses, any household appliances she uses, the clothes she wears (any mixed fibers in there?), any processed food she eats, and on and on. Does she not care about your well-being? But as someone said, better that your son not have a horrible judgmental grandmother like that in his life. I hope you have plenty of friends and family to spoil him rotten...I mean, be positive influences in his life.

Don't forget vaccines! if she has ever gotten a vaccine including the ones they give you in the delivery room then how can she even look at herself.

OP's mom should be Amish if we follow this logic. Might be for the best...?

The logic on not following The Law is that it only applies to Jews, not Christians, just FYI. It's a fun conversation with a crazy nutjob. Just try to explain that Jesus was Jewish and watch them pull complete and utter (and not even mentioned in the Bible) shit out their ass.

Sorry OP, but your Mom's a moron. Shrug it off for now. But if she continues to deny her Grandson, you may wanna distance yourself from her. As he gets older, this could be VERY hurtful for him.

Death69, how do you know she's a moron? It doesn't mention what religion she follows. :)

You know what is unnatural? For a woman to leave her infant motherless and her husband without a wife.

Actually, when observing nature, that is quite common.