By lifesux17 - 27/02/2009 02:25 - United States

Today, I was sitting in the living room with my parents when my dad asked my mom if she knew where he could find some double a batteries. She said to check my vibrator. He said he already did. FML
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lifesux17 tells us more.

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A. It was MY vibrator, not my moms... B. I'm 19 years old, not too old to still live with your parents and old enough to own a vibrator (though i didnt know there was an age where you had to be "old enough") , to the rest of you, im glad my misery and embarrassment added some laughter to your day :) this website is great for that :)

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Why do they know where your vibrator is?

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yeah, that's a fml.


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yeah, that's a fml.

Today, I asked my wife If she had any double a batteries. she told me to check our daughters vibrator, I already did. now I can't find any double a batteries. FML

Awkward high five!

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an fml*

Shi_Yosei 6

a fml* You only use an if the word starts with a vowel (:

I lol'ed

But no, you say it like "eff em ell" and that makes it an FML. You dont say a hour, you say an hour, even though its not a vowel.

That's because the 'h' is silent so you go for the next letter which is a vowel.

Actually you would use an because the letter f starts with a vowel sound…(eff)

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Perhaps the argument here is whether or not you say "eff em ell" or you say "f*ck my life" when reading FML

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hahaha I like your parents. :]

OMFG i absolutelyy HATE nosy parentss!!!!!

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(response to the main comment)Haha me to. Sounds like my parents.

Why do they know where your vibrator is?

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that's what i was thinking.

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No she doesn't, jeezus. Herp.

Thats why their is stated MY

Don't you mean JIZZUS? Ba dum tsssss. Sorry. I meant no disrespect towards Jesus.

Wait, your mom told your dad to check YOUR vibrator, or your mom said to your dad, "Check my vibrator"?

good question

yeah....was it your mom's and you overheard it or was it yours? Both situations are super awkward

Either way it's still a messed up situation.

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HAHA that is classic

That isnt classic...

DEFS AN FML....amazing. best one all day!

Why do your parents know that you OWN a vibrator?!

Parents at first, no. mom at first, abso-fucking-lutely.

What the fuck Why would your parents think it's normal to do/say something like that?

you must have some pretty chill parents ahahaha