By greeple - 10/09/2012 16:19 - Singapore

Today, I decided to clean my face of unwanted visitors, and spent my shower popping the pimples on my cheeks. Twenty minutes later, I remembered that I was showering ahead of a date with my girlfriend. My cheeks now look like the crater-filled surface of Mars. FML
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That's kind of horrible.. That leads kids to feeling insecure which then leads to suicide. Quire ironic considering today is Suicide Awareness Day..

Picking leaves to scarring!


JackeeDawn 9

We call kids in my school like that pepperoni face. .-.

thatpeachyperson 12

I just think of 'Hey, crater-face!' from Grease.

That's kind of horrible.. That leads kids to feeling insecure which then leads to suicide. Quire ironic considering today is Suicide Awareness Day..

starman02 12

I think that's horrible that you call people names because of something they ( usually) have no control over. Acne is not pretty but it makes it so much more worse when people are rude about it.

1, I don't like people like you. Acne can not be helped and anyone who has it should never be called names. I got acne at a much younger age than most do, and therefore was teased more. Believe me when I say I have self esteem problems to this day because of my skin and the way I was treated because of it despite it being much better than it was.

Anyone else notice that all the dates on these comments say 9/11... Unless my flux capacitor malfunctioned, I do believe it is still the 10th.

Stop bullying! :( lol

littlemsweirdo 12

22: Why is that funny?

OMFG #20 is right!!!

LiterOfCola 16

1: Thats real nice but the entire world refers to people like you as pieces of shit who deserve to have their asses kicked (and probably will).

MonsterCommenter 4

@25. In some parts of the world, it is Septemeber 11th, 2012. I think FML headquarters is located in France, and it may be the eleventh there already...

I'm in Australia and its the 11th today.

Hmmmm thats weird

#28 I'm in Australia mate! :)

#9 is a fag

theslimshadylp 6

#49 is a douche bag.

littlemsweirdo 12

9: I dont know why but I hate the word "fag" Why would you randomly call someone that? Thats horrible...

#20 i have a deep respect for any girl that can successfully use flux capacitor in a sentence

morepreetza 2

...not everything happens in your time zone...

Well it is now 9/11/12 in new York.

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If you are going to the movies, maybe she won't notice

People in my school call them herpe face

HelloGuys 4

Washing your face regularly usually can prevent it right???? Or maybe using some type of cream.... You have options people (google is your friend)

PandaKitteh 20

Actually you can't really prevent acne. -_- washing your face helps a tiny bit but that does not mean it will go away. Believe me (science is also your friend)

Picking leaves to scarring!

JackeeDawn 9

Thanks for telling OP now. It's too late.

You want to know how I got these scars?

6# did it have anything to do with your father being a drinker and a fiend???

thiscrazything 1

#6, did it have to do with picking leaves?

1 Leaf or 4 leaves. I leave a comment and he leaves a response.

It's leads by the way. Nothing to do with foliage :P

My advice: stop commenting, no one seems to like you

MonsterCommenter 4

The mars rover will be landing soon. It will be looking at all the minute volcanoes pocketing the suface of the planet.

Maybe she always wanted to be an astronaut ;). Anyway OP, you should be more careful in the future when doing that....better some dots on your face than scars, right?

Popping pimples can cause the infected fluids to spread to other areas of the face and make you break out even more.. Also, squeezing on them causes more skin damage than the pimples themselves. Try a benzoyl peroxide cream, the old toothpaste trick, salicylic acid treatments, or anything other than popping them. Trust me, I speak from personal experience when I say popping them is not worth it.

I'm on Accutane, and I have to disagree with you about the whole "don't pop your pimples" argument... If its ready to pop, it's okay to pop it! Especially if you have an extractor tool

I swear by toothpaste.

Any dermatologist you go to will tell you that even with an extracting tool you shouldn't pop them. However, there are quite a few methods to popping them at home that dermatologists have out out there for people who absolutely must pop them. I myself can't say I'm not guilty of poking white heads with needles if they can't be concealed. Although, seeing as OP has craters on his face, I don't believe he used an extracting tool or needle, and I doubt they were all white heads that were "ready" to be popped.

Just pop that shit and quit being a pussy.

I just put toothpaste on my face, if this works I will love you forever.

FaithDawson 8

Witch Hazel does wonders, too!

56, I did it last night on a pretty painful pimple, and it was half the size this morning(: just make sure there's no whitening products in it, they're very drying and much more harsh. And witch hazel works on my shoulders

Feedmyaddiction5 14

As weird as this sounds. My mom made me put egg on my face. Whip the egg up. Put it on. Sleep. Wash it off with aveeno soap

Yeah, I read somewhere it's good to put egg whites over them.

Make a mask of crushed aspirin and honey. Super amazing at getting rid of them!

kairi920 0

Honey and lemon juice (pure juice, not the bottled kind and real honey, manuka honey I think it's called if you can find that, but regular pure honey is fine) works wonders. Put it on as a mask either for an hour or over night everyday. The lemon fights acne and reduces redness and the appearance of scars and the honey is a natural moisturizer. After using it 2 days in a row I can't stop touching my face. It's do soft lol. My skin is clearing up too. But yes, you should never really pop pimples, it only leads to scaring.

But doesn't basically all toothpastes have whitening products? :O

Fuck you I do what I want.

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If only it were Halloween...

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if she really cares for you u really have nothing to worry about (:

If she really likes you, she wouldn't judge you for having acne. It happens to everyone!

Try going to the doctors for some medication. I went on antibiotics and my face was covered in pimples. I have been free of pimples ever since. Don't put up with it OP and don't pick them it makes them worse!

That requires a lot of money. Boo doctors!

thrAsHeRr9081 16

21 - Doxycycline is only $4.00 for a month supply.

Not in Canada it doesn't! I get bottles of prescription acne medication for $15 (60 pills in a bottle!)