By friendly_neighbourhood_psycho - Sweden
Today, I was helping some friends put supplies in my crush's car for our picnic. His girlfriend cracked a joke about me, so I just sarcastically laughed and slammed the door shut. Now she has three broken fingers, and I have a reputation as a psychopath. FML
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  Eyeliner_fml  |  0

Lmfao, say it was all an accident, but if you think about it, it kind of sounds like karma to me, she cracked a joke about you and you crushed her fingers. Maybe I would of done the same.

  KaySL  |  24

The FML is self-explanatory. Confessing to not understanding it is on par with confessing to fucking sheep. You're just going to get ridiculed for it.

  bowlingstar  |  1

When someone asks a question is everyone's first instinct to mock them?!?! There are probably tons of people confused and when people explain it can actually help people. Thanks for being so understanding.

  kelsey_katie  |  17

Aww crap.
It wasn't suppsosed to be meant like that...
I guess what I was trying to say is that she(the girlfriend) needs to watch what she says of karma(slamming the door) is gonna bite her in the ass(broken fingers)

  Ninelives_fml  |  3

@10 Maybe the reason she was cracking jokes was because there's this girl who can't seem understand that this guy she hanging around with? He has a girlfriend and needs to back off.

I love how all you people are saying the girl deserved the broken fingers? How did you know that OP wasn't being a bitch and trying to flirt with another girl's boyfriend? And no, even if she wasn't, why are you all celebrating over someone's broken fingers? So it's an accident. Why the hell are you guys enjoying the thought of a girl breaking her fingers? You don't know her. You don't know the circumstances. The only bitchiness I see is all of you, ENJOYING the fact someone got hurt. That sad thing is that this girl hasn't done anything to any of you.

Unfucking believable. Thumb me down if you want, but damn it. This is just cruel, laughing over something like this. Have you ever thought that maybe the girl might get a permanent injury? That she might not hold a pencil ever again without hurting? But I suppose none of you really care. In your minds, she is already an enemy to be humiliated.