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Today, my mother-in-law said I wasn't the type she expected her son to marry, as he's always dated cheerleaders and model types. I must have looked offended, so she added, "I mean they weren't smart like you." So, I might be smart but I'm the ugliest girl my husband has ever been with. FML
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Intelligence and personality are better than looks any day.

AliceLockehart 18

Why do looks matter? As long as your both happy, that's what's important :).


AliceLockehart 18

Why do looks matter? As long as your both happy, that's what's important :).

blcksocks 19

Looks matter to Men as much as "size" matters to women. Go figure.

Plus in twenty years, those looks won't get them as far as intellect.

22cute 17

Don't let you MIL get away with that though. TELL HER how rude and offensive she is or she will just keep it up. Tell her you don't want to hear about all the ex's that didn't cut it. Tell your husband also so he can set her straight. That's his job.

mylifesucks_fml 1

Hey, well nowadays with the magic of makeup you can look completely different in like 5 seconds. But still that was pretty insensitive and she needs to check herself before she wrecks herself

AliceLockehart 18

I think it's very rude. There's no need for her to put OP down like that. & for all we know, OP could be gorgeous in her own way. Looks aren't important, it's a good heart & a good personality that matters most at the end of the day.

PenguinSwag47 0

Why should the mother in law care what you look like? If her son is happy with you, then she should leave it at that!

Oreohugzpenny 4

From this FML it doesn't sound to me like the mother-in-law even said anything about looks, the OP just assumed it--then she assumes that she was the ugliest of all. Sounds to me like the OP is insecure about her looks and is thinking too much.

48- makeup doesn't make you pretty. Often it just makes things worse.

I agree with #89 ...the connotation of the mothers comment has been assumed, she didn't explicitly state that she thinks her daughter-in-law (to be) is ugly.. just that her son usually dated cheerleader types and maybe he would have ended up marrying one. There's nothing rude about stating a difference in personality/character.

Umm...not all cheerleaders are beautiful and neither are some models. What is more common between them is their need for a cheeseburger and lighting quick leg-spreading skills. Good for you for being smart, OP. When those cheerleaders' and models' vaginas and asses lose their tight hold on their men as they age, your intellect and wit will always be in tip top shape! Scheherazade, anyone?

Yeah! It's not like she's the one that will be marrying her...

psychopolarbear 28

He said she. He means the mother in law isn't the one who will marry OP.

Looks matter to women too... Don't spew bullshit and generalize like you did. Caring about looks is not gender dependant...

Intelligence and personality are better than looks any day.

MindFreakazoid 10

And I bet you op is beautiful. Plus where do you think those cheerleaders are going to be when they're 40 and haven't gotten past college? McDonalds. Or Walmart. Oh and I like your name by the way :)

Besides that, you can't expect women to all look as good as cheerleaders and models (who are paid to look good, I might add). For all we know, she could be gorgeous, but because she's not a super skinny model or a cheerleader with triple D's, her mom acted like a bitch.

It doesn't matter what his ex girlfriends looked like, he chose you over them.

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Or he didn't want a boggle head anymore :)

IAmAZero 0

37 - 'Orrrr?' What are you, a seal? But nobody really CARES what you're sayin'. Just sayin' :)

fmllolmama 0

Could be worse. You could be ugly AND stupid!

could be worse you could have someone with a pretty face, but ugly personality . looks fade and once they are gone all you are left with is personality . so the people that choose looks will never be happy .

you're definitely right. i've seen girls that have nice bodies and a hideous personality = ugly unfortunate

hate to sound cliche but personality always beats looks

in what sense? because that isn't true under all circumstances!

Nah, you're right. 101, shut up. I can see why you would say that from your pic alone.

good old mother in law , least you kinda got a compliment .

Plus, maybe she didn't mean anything about your looks... just that you had way more potential to stand up for yourself or get along with out a man. :)

hotPinklipstick 24

Well OP you have one thing all his ex's don't, a ring on your finger and his last name. So ignore your mother in law and be happy that he's with you. Obviously he sees something in you he didn't in his ex's.

Your husband thinks you're smart and beautiful, don't worry.=)

Michael_92 20

I usually find smart girls attractive. It makes them stand out.

"Makes them stand out"? What's that supposed to mean? I'm sure a lot of girls are way smarter than they act, but guys never seem to show their interest in smart girls. Think of the quiet girl who sat away from the crowd in school reading books. Bet you don't even know who I'm talking about, eh?

Cowboy1986 4

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^And you're probably an Asshole. Oh wait, you are one.

#24, I am a bit of an outcast, yes, but imo that's way better than fitting in with people like you :)

Crazberry - The smart guys are the ones who notice the smart, shy girls rather than the ones who act dumb and dress like prostitutes just to get attention. I married one of those smart girls 10 years ago.

For the sake of conversation: I'm amazed at how many people claim personality and intelligence are key, but I've never seen any people with partners who could be considered ugly. I certainly couldn't be with someone I wasn't both physically and emotionally attracted to. Therefore ugliness must not actually exist since there will always be someone who is attracted to what other people might consider ugly, and the notion that personality and intelligence are key factors is redundant because physical attraction always plays into overall attraction. Nobody looks at a person and thinks, "That person isn't attractive to me. I think I'll go out with them!"

RedPillSucks 31

Attractiveness is usually the initial lure, but to keep them, you've got to have more. That's where personality comes in. A guy who's only interested in attractive women and ignores personality or intelligence is looking for arm candy, or a ****-buddy.

71- Well that's my point. No one can say that that something more is the *only* thing keeping them around though. Physical attractiveness is a key, and the size of the key is different for everyone. No one ever throws that key away though, even if it is tiny for them.

70-so basically what your saying is that beauty is in the eye of the beholder

All this key talk just reminded me of a joke my teen cousin told me the other day: Why are guys that sleep with many girls rated and girls that sleep with many guys frowned upon? ..because.. a key that can open any lock is considered a Master Key and a lock that can be opened by any key is useless..

Michael_92 20

Okay what I meant is I usually find a girl that is "smart" more attractive than a girl that plays "dumb" or is "dumb" even IF THEY BOTH LOOKED THE SAME. I am not saying looks do not matter because you MUST be attracted to your partner for a relationship to work. There is no secret formula to figuring it out, attractiveness is just something in your mind, you see what you wanna see and how you want to see it. Someone may say someone is hot and you disagree. It just depends on the person and their tastes.

Please. That "joke" makes me cringe. Outdated and so violated it is not even remotely funny anymore. It's like I'd say "men are like spoons. You don't want to eat your soup with a spoon that 100 people used before but you want a clean one".

My mom always tells me that I have a lot to work with but there will *always* be someone who's prettier, smarter, nicer, etc. Just like there's always someone who isn't any of those things. I'm sure your husband/fiance thinks you're beautiful and that's all that matters. And at least you have brains!