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Today, I fell down my stairs while holding a carton of eggs I was going to use to egg my ex-boyfriend's house. Karma's definitely a bitch to me. FML
Read the first sentence. That is the karma.

By  Crazberry  |  5

I've fantasized about egging my ex's house but I wouldn't actually do it.... And he recently told me I was just something for him to stick his **** in. What did your ex do that you feel the need to be so childish?
You can't feel hate for your exes no matter how they treated you. Hate is a strong feeling, just like love. It's better to not feel anything for them and move on. *preach mode off*


He needs something to stick his dick in?
Give him this list:
A blender
A garbage disposal
A meat grinder
A transvestite hooker with chlamydia
Lorina Bobitt's mouth
A shredder
A pencil sharpener
A guillotine
That one chick from 'Teeth'

...I'm outta ideas.

  Crazberry  |  5

#149 Heh, for the strangest reason I thought of "Will it Blend?" :P That episode might be almost as entertaining as the glow stick one... Almost.