By Anonymous - 07/11/2015 14:58 - United States - Niles

Today, my mother had to ask me when my birthday was, because she gets it confused with the day she bought our old car. FML
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At least she cared enough to ask

Ask her when did she get her old car.


At least she cared enough to ask

JustinJK 21

Exactly. My parents have never celebrated my birthday.

then write an FML about it

RedPillSucks 31

not sure Why 15 is getting down voted. not all parents do the sentimental birthday thing. mine didn't either.

JustinJK 21

I was just agreeing with #1. My parents aren't the easter bunny, Santa claus, tooth fairy type etc. It's nice that at least OP's mom owned up to her mistake although idk how she can remember popping a baby out of her.

vaguenotvogue 13

Sucks, OP. Do you have siblings? Maybe there's a lot to remember. Parents often have a lot of things to remember and can get confused!

my mom has six kids and never forgets their birthdays so...

Ask her when did she get her old car.

Must be one important car.

Well I guess we know whose the more important one to her Sorry op

Yeah, the OP. I didn't see her asking the car what say she bought it.

she redefines materialists

whatunicorn 17

A mother's love has no bounds... but hey at least she asked and didn't miss your birthday. Maybe next year she won't even need to ask.

Time to burn the car! Do it on your birthday. That way she'll remember the date.

Ha-ha..I'd just laugh it off , OP! Maybe she was joking?? Best wishes hon!

Was your old car a Ferrari?