By Remember the parking brake - 06/10/2010 23:41 - United States

Today, my girlfriend and I were making love in the backseat. Being in the moment we didn't notice the car moving. We DID notice the pole that stopped us though. FML
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You don't make love in the car, you Fuck in the car!

need insurance? there's an app for that.


need insurance? there's an app for that.

Stop saying there's an app for everything. We already know!

I hope that pole had insurance...

12- i wanna make sure everyone knows! gosh!

i know she probably had her hands full, but she could have just pulled the stick that stops the action too. <3

Silly number 13, poles cannot have insurance.

#13funny,#1 yeah this app thing is getting annoying

What a square!!!

Getting Jessi to stfu with the "theres an app for that" stuff, I guess theres not an app for that.

hello, number one. I have the same necklace as you. twins?! :) :P

13 nope ops gf will need more poles to afford that

XD Rock the house. Luvin' must be good!

is there an app for u to MSG me ;)

What isnt there an app for!??

wow, lol. Forget the parking brake?

Lol or maybe they were both fat and moved it side to side :p

lol! sad! It could happen tho I'm sure. Yiks:/

if the pic is really you your rly pretty

nope sorry better luck next time :)

which "pole" did your girlfriend notice more

You don't make love in the car, you Fuck in the car!

you got it wrong mate, guys fuck in cars, women make love in cars.

20-you are wrong my friend everybody fucks in a car. you make love on a bed with candles and rose pedals all over the place.

that's what I was thinking! bahaha

I was thinking the same thing. and this sounds fake.

Making love depends more upon who you're with, not where you are.

Thank you! Amen

YFDI!!! but that is hilarious !!

Your picture terrifies me...even without all the doodles on it, it would terrify me. *shivers*

omg what did you do to Miley!!

omg what did you do to Miley!!

A wild Miley has appeared! Charizard, cast mountain! OH NOES! She made it move!!!

That'll be a fun one to explain to your insurance company. I'd be so embarrassed, and probably lie.

did you keep going after you hit the pole?

haha yes they were lyk "ehh, might as well"

62- I see your spelling hasn't improved at all

Was the car jerking off since it moved by itself?