By Anonymous - 26/11/2012 13:30 - United Kingdom - Edinburgh

Today, my parents told me that they had joined a local club. Proud of them for going out of their comfort zone to make new friends, I googled the name of the club. I'm sure they'll make some lifelong friends at their first swingers club meet. FML
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You should only worry if they start having club "meetings" at the house.

megapeyt 17

You did want them to get out more often, now they'll just get around more easily.


megapeyt 17

You did want them to get out more often, now they'll just get around more easily.

#1 mind your own business. #2 make sure they know what the club is about and they did not misunderstand the name. Shoot - sorry comment #1 it was not meant to be a reply to you. I am sorry for this! i have no idea who it did it!

hellbilly205 17

They could of signed up because they wanted to go who knows...

47- thank you for your service for our country!

hellbilly205 17

Thank you for your support!

I'm sorry.. What is swingers?

AlexM42 5

63- you know people who like going to the park and playing on the swing set. Or sometimes relaxing on bench swings on their porches.

Oh, ok. Thank you! But why would they need a club to do that?

It's a club where a couple meets other couples to have sex with

Oh. Wow. Ok. Thanks.

81, you're very welcome

49 - It sounds like OP's parents will be getting a lot of support and servicing from many other people!!

astralvagan 20

Everyone needs new friends..... But you never know, they might actually enjoy themselves....

beachchick9498 5

They might enjoy it a little too much...

You should only worry if they start having club "meetings" at the house.

unknown_user5566 26

If they started hosting the "meetings", I bet OP's friends would suddenly become A LOT more interested in stopping by the house.

25- I seriously doubt they would want to see some older people getting it on.

This reminds me of that commercial with the guy who discovers his parents are swingers and drives into a deli that makes great baked ziti.

At least they are still making friends. In a special way. A special creepy kind of way.

honeybadgerr 9

Lol at first I thought swingers club meant like a swing dancing club.. But when I read your comment it made me second guess that thought because swing dancing isn't creepy.

tsent8 15

Swing dancing? More like DIRTY dancing. rowrr

Maybe they're bored with their sex life or want to learn new techniques. You never know.

...I don't think he WANTS to know, either...

Next thing you know, they're in gangs shooting up heroin.

lorraineald 7

Parents are always getting into trouble. If you don't keep your eye on them they'll be sneaking out of the house to get to parties.

Betcha didn't know your parents swing that way did you?

I know a couple who does something similar to swinging, and they're a really happy couple who's been together for many years. Even though it's not for everyone you should let the people who decide to live like that do their thing, even though it's awkward being your parents and all.

I've heard that there are a lot of very happy couples who are swingers

At least they're having fun.

Just avoid bring your family to the club day.