By messyvictor - 28/01/2012 16:19 - United States

Today, my mom told me to clean the house up because she wants to make good impression on the cleaning lady. FML
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Tell your mom that you'll cleanup, if you're getting paid for it too!

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This sounds like a rage comic.... Hmm

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My parents used to make me do that. That way, the cleaning service charges less.

Sounds like everyone has a "cleaning lady" I bet half the people on here claiming to have one, don't. So have fun cleaning your own shit up!

My mom used to make me do that but she said it was because they werent there to put my stuff away, they were there to dust and vaccum and things like that. I guess i mean if i was a cleaning lady and you had like plates around or stupid things laying around i wouldnt know where to put it or what to do with it. Id be there to clean not organize

I did that once, when the cleaning lady came, she walked around, checked the house, then sat on the couch and started watching soap operas. She does this every day and my mom still pays her.

#83 - I know right? Does everyone on here hire someone else to clean their house for them? Lazy bastards!! ...I'm so jealous :s

My mom used to do that as well. But I do agree they're there to clean and wouldn't know where to put things either.

You obvs never read the one about the girl that told her bf he was like a brother to her during sex. This one seems practically normal in comparison.

That's the equivalent of brushing for the dentist before you go. My mom did the same things, every time, I'd just shake my and wonder why she's so damn stupid.

Ummm 63 nooooooooo, u brush befor u go to the dentist so that u dont have food on your teeth or a stinky beath so that the dentist dosnt think ud all gross and iky, hes there to make sure u have cleen teeth, the cleaning lady is there to clean ur house!

It's actually a pretty good comparison. A dentist keeps your teeth in order, a cleaner keeps your house in order. But most people don't like to appear disgusting so they make their jobs a little bit easier. It's pretty common I think.

I don't care, if I'm spending hundreds of dollars on these services, I'm not going to make it simple enough to the point where I'd just do it myself just as competently. There's no point in that, also I'm a male, so I don't really care if the cleaners think I'm a slob, just a personal preference :-/

#119 - I'd just like to point out that not all males have no problem with being seen as a slob. Some of us actually make an effort. In the same way I'm sure that some females do not care.

#76 please learn proper english instead of whatever you said.

My dad showers before he goes to the gym... Hahahaha

Why do you have a cleaning lady then???

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48- Being an idiot must suck too. How do you do it?

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Someone's butthurt because 'Lebron is a Bitch'. -Cough- 48 -Cough-

The cleaning lady must love her job lol

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So does mine. My mom makes me do the same thing

My mom made us do that before. We had to straighten up before the cleaning people get there or she wouldn't let them clean our rooms. Granted we only had people come clean maybe four times and then realized it was a waste of money if we were going to clean first.

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^Mine too. I guess she's not the only one after all.

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It took four times to realize it was a waste?

It's actually more common than you think. My mom cleans and it the exact same thing. People clean for the cleaning lady cause they don't eat anyone to see their gross habits

Cannibalism is a strange topic, please keep going.

Haha! My bad. *want*. Darn autocorrect! :P

My mom used to make me tidy up my room for our cleaning lady. It's like mom, wtf?