By Devildrake - 15/04/2015 22:32 - Australia

Today, I went into work early so I could get my work all done and leave on time, rather than staying back. The later shift starters had other ideas and called in sick. FML
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I wish this evil upon no one.

Is it not slightly suspicious if multiple employees call in sick on the same shift?


I wish this evil upon no one.

ninety 25

On the plus side, more time at work generally means a slightly larger paycheck.

Hopefully op has an understanding boss, unlike the bosses of fml past

rhcpgurl 18

not if you work retail usually :/

What? Unless you're a manager, retail is almost always hourly.

I really hope OP is not salary.

I'm on salary + overtime, but time was worth Monday on this day unfortunately.

Dang, OP. Hopefully your boss gives you a little bit of time off for your trouble, or at least overtime pay

Don't most companies offer overtime for this type of stuff? If they don't then I feel like you should talk to your boss

They do, but the reason I went early is because I had something planned afterwards.. I do overtime on a daily basis, the one day I try leave on time...

Is it not slightly suspicious if multiple employees call in sick on the same shift?

Not really it's actually very common since the workers are all exposed to pretty much the same germs through out the day. Hell the place where I work right now currently has three different people with severe sinus problems, sore throats, and coughing. They have all worked and so even if it wasn't a customer that exposed them to whatever illness they have, they have still exposed the rest of us to it.

Haha, it should be but my boss can't say anything when they get certificates. I can guarantee they weren't sick, they call in sick all the time.. To the people asking, I do get paid overtime. the problem was I had somewhere I needed to be, hence coming in earlier.

Certificates, is that a doctors excuse? Where I work we are not excused for any reason except FMLA, even with a signed slip.

Yeah, doctors certificate; very easy to obtain

tehdarkness 21

GTA V release; of course everyone calls in sick!

I absolutely hate when people do this. It's happened to me so many times! At least you get more money on your paycheck right? Sorry OP

How sickening. On the plus side though, more money for you.

Well, stay positive. More hours means more money, more money means less stress.