By Anonymous - 09/06/2009 08:14 - United States

Today, my mom walks into my room, with a serious look on her face asks me "When a man is getting it from behind, the man on top orgasms, but what happens to the man on bottom? Do you think he takes care of himself or what?" Hand motions were included. FML
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what... the ****?

FYL because your mom thought you would know that.


what... the ****?

nononononono no no no. it's like this : what. the. ****.

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did you tell her the man on the bottom waits till he gets into the bathroom before he farts?

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what the ****

so sick and wrong.... reach around technique would be used there though.

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the reach around

Reach around, taking care of yourself, and sometimes you get lucky and it rubs your prostate the right way.

FYL because your mom thought you would know that.

It seems like the polite thing to do would be for the top to "reach around" and take care of the bottom. They could even give this an easy-to-remember name like "reacharound".

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mum shoulda asked you

and you know this... how?

because he is knowledgable?

Well they actually said "seems like," which implies they don't actually know from experience, but are speculating.

Men can climax from prostate stimulation. The more you know *

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Prostate milking.

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Um awkward, was she expecting you to respond? If so, seriously fyl

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#3 wins

Whyyyyy would she say that to you? o.O And did that just come out of the blue?

random much???

are you gay? or is there absolutely no reason that you would know this? and men can have anal orgasms =P

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OPs a woman how would she be guy with men?

to add to #4.. a guys gspot is in the anus :x ... wtf eh? lol

Yeah how unlucky are we -_-

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does this mean guys can climax while pooping???