By Anonymous - 14/09/2011 13:56 - United States

Today, I asked my mom why she drinks. She said she only drinks when she's depressed. My step-dad said she only drinks on the weekend. Those are the days I'm at her house. FML
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Awww.. :( I'm sorry, maybe try to talk to your mom and try to solve the problem of why she is depress when you are there. You lose nothing to try!

I see therapy in her future...


That's why I don't drink :-)

I see a pattern here.

Well that's why the op didn't involve you in their FML post...

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Why? Because you're not depressed?

If you can't beat em, join em. And if you can't make her happy, might as well make her more miserable. :D

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You're 15!

I see therapy in her future...

MariSB 1

I suggest she really seeks counseling.

2 - I see pancakes in your future.

Awww.. :( I'm sorry, maybe try to talk to your mom and try to solve the problem of why she is depress when you are there. You lose nothing to try!

And also reduce the frequency of your weekend visits..

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Dude why talk to your mom cuz you might find out something worse like u got adopted or something I would just stay away from her And I'm not tryin to be a dick

Sorry to say OP but she sounds like a shitty mother to me

There are too many awful parents in the world.

ShroomsOnAcid 16

True, but you can't go around judging OPs mom based only on the information we're provided in this fml. Everybody has their reasons.

Also true, but it's implied here that OP depresses his/her mom, and is thus the reason for her drinking. If you don't even like your own child, then why have kids? Stuff like that just baffles me.

ShroomsOnAcid 16

That's like saying if you don't like pie, don't eat. You don't get to pick the kind of child you will get. You also don't have full control over how they turn out, despite what many people seem to believe. Also, just because you're of the same blood, does not automatically make you compatible personality-wise, or shield you against psycho offspring. It can be very hard to get along or love each other sometimes. OP's mother could feel like a failure over it, and/or OP could be at fault and not realize it. You don't really know. But is it not depressing? Have some compassion and try to understand everybody's side of the situation.

You = black cloud of misery.

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Mommy - why do you drink? *You really want to know "sweetie"? Um hum *Your face! :0 I just made myself REALLY sad. :(

Join in the festivities!

Cheer her up with some good old square dancing.


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Maybe she drinks because you live with your stepdad and you being around is a reminder of that?

He sees his stepdad while he sees his mom. They're under the same roof.

You do know that OP's "step-dad" has to be married to his/her mom, right? That's kind of what the term implies. lol

That's not always true, my step dad was going to take custody of me when he and my mother almost divorced. He would have still been my stepdad but they wouldn't have been married. That's sort of a narrow assumption. :/