By unrequited - 18/05/2011 02:36 - United States

Today, I drove the width of the country to tell the girl I've lost that I'm in love with her. She wasn't home. FML
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CatEyes66 0

uh, wait till she comes back.

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babyyninjas 1

If she was still worth it , you should wait in front of the door :P

babyyninjas 1

what if it was raining or it was at night?

ha total creeper status, any way you look at it

how do you know she wasn't just hiding from you?

If he called 1st that would seem quite anti-climatic

VinegarStrokes 0

Is anyone curious to find out how this dude "lost" her? That could play a MAJOR role in how this chick reacts to him just showing up at her doorstep like a complete ******* creeper. There is a reason as to why these things only happen in poorly made movies like You've Got Mail. I admire your courage though buddy. Psssh... :

Maybe she did the same thing, just in the opposite direction!

Not necessarily 52. You're argument sort of contradicts the point you're trying to make. She could be ecstatic to see him. She may have been forced to leave for her job or something along those lines. My cheesy love story worked out. (:

haha maybe she drove across the country to see you ;) utter failure, sorry haha.

look on the bright least that country wasn't Russia or canada :/

CatEyes66 0

uh, wait till she comes back.

if she's worth the trip, waiting shouldn't be an issue... unless she won't be back for a few days, and still in that situation, find a cheap motel and stay there

dudeitsdanny 9

Agreed. If you love her enough to drive ~3000 miles, you'd be really stupid to give up over this. Wait for her to get home.. Hell, if she's nearby, go find her, don't wait around. If you have the guts to go this far, get the guts to follow through with this.

eh, i wish there were more guys like OP who was willing to drive such a long distance to express his love for a girl :)

dudeitsdanny 9

There are quite a few. The difference is that a lot of them are under restraining orders

screw that theres so many girls out there. why travel 3000 miles for a girl that probably doesnt even like you.

cloudy01 0

and also consider the price of gas

think about the positive side, maybe she had gone all the way to your house to meet you? either way, good luck bro:)

3, driving is more romantic > O.o She's just been rick rolled..?

MissCharlotte_fml 26

Driving is more romantic. I pictured this FML as a romantic montage of OP driving, filling up on gas, and eventually running in slow motion to her door, all while cheesy music plays. Then the music just abrubptly stops when he realizes she is not home.

sweet2u22 9

it's sweet you went across the country to tell her you love her. it'll be a funny story to tell one day.

bryan1992 0

unless she rejects him haha

Lol she probably saw OP through the window and decided not to answer the door.

If she's not home check back later... now if the address is bad or she moved that's different.

chickunkey 0

too bad you don't live in chile.

VinegarStrokes 0

Lol! I'm sure 90% of the idiots that read these comments have no idea why you just said that...

VinegarStrokes 0

Oh man... My girlfriend just asked me what your comment meant... Fml.

49 - so 10% of the idiots will know what was meant? Not bad.

Well the thing with Chile is that you'd have to cross the Andes. so it'd be a crazy trip nonetheless.

a crazy trip across 10 entire feet of the Andes :D

nativepimp 1

I still don't understand how he drove across the us in one day lol

skyttlz 32

I'm one of the 10% that gets it

sorry but not all movie moments exist in reality......

yup it is!!! though I prefer naruto presently.......

Kn0wledge123 21

Naruto is awesome, but its going too slow right now. Lately I've been obsessed with The Breaker and High School of The Dead.

there's an anime expo in LA, CA. July 1-4, 2011. there will be a very first vocaloid concert in America at that expo on July 2(: ANIME!

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I have no idea what 31's comment is, but it is under a pic of bieber, and its moderated. those facts lead me to believe it wa an epic insult to bieber, so, I thumb-upped it. You're welcome.

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I gave a thumbs down for your pic. partially the comment though.

I find that pic offensive and I'd like you to remove it. And that pointless comment.

******* low lives thumbing you down for your pic. THUMBS UP, yeah! even though I don't like JB, I'm not a close minded judgemental douche.