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Today, I was watching TV with my husband and my 5-year-old son. Everything was going fine until my son asked his father, “Why can’t mom know that you have another sweetheart?” FML
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Oh gosh...I'm SO curious about this extra sweetheart. Hopefully, you do a follow up.


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Yeh that's low key what cheating does to you, and I'm sure he went into his affair fully aware of that reality

I first thought that you meant the son, but the husband? Really? Boo-*******-hoo to him.

Yeah that's what happens when you cheat! He deserves it. I find it purely disgusting whenever a father brings a child into his cheating affair life. Coming from experience I know how ****** up that is. My dad would take me along with him while he'd hang out with his "girlfriend" me being a little kid a was oblivious of what was going on. When I told my mom I made a friend(The Girlfriend) things went south and I blamed myself for it for the longest time. He even had the audacity to tell me if I told my mom I wouldn't be able to go with him anymore. Luckily I slipped up by accident and told my mom. Don't ever make a child have to go through something like that. How DARE HE involve an innocent child into his shit. If you're cheating you're trash. Involving an innocent child into it and potentially making them feel like they're responsible for the divorce or separation or whatever makes you even lower than trash.

We don't know if the guy was cheating. Kid's say random ass shit. He couls have been confused about a situation, saw something on TV, or just made it up. Unless this guy does a follow up we don't know.

#23, the father telling the kid that his mother can't know about it is a pretty clear sign that he's a disgusting, cheating piece of shit.

#37 as I said kids say random shit so we don't know if the father actually told the son that or if that kid was being weird or confused. I've seen situations where kids just randomly say things like "don't hit me" for no reason or "why did grandma die?" (even though all four grandparents were still living). So without confirmation we do not know if the father was cheating or not.

Oh gosh...I'm SO curious about this extra sweetheart. Hopefully, you do a follow up.

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Yeah sure, it could. But, "Why can't mom know" imply that he told the kid to keep quiet about it. And if she's not supposed to know, it probably mean he's cheating.

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Perhaps, like the cartoon implies, his "Sweetheart" is not an actual person? I mean it'd be odd for his 5 year old to know about it otherwise....

The little guy seems to have met the other sweetheart already... It's sad how many men/women do this shit... Whatever happen to, "Do unto others, as you would like done, to you in return." I'd be filing first thing in the morning... And the vengeful side of me says you can't go to jail- so killing him is out. Which leave me no choice, other than to jack, you off with icy hot... Revenge on the thunder from down under... What do you so only after you check it out

Everyone is thumbing this down but I find it to be pure gold??

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I think it's due to the grammar from down under... and by that I mean Hell.

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What if the kid was lying? Not assuming, just a possibility.

I said check it out first- and yes, my man calls a lot of woman sweetheart, and sunshine.... I want facts- proofs...

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The post implies that the father has specifically told the kid not to say anything, so...

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I really hope the kid just heard something like that on TV and was repeating it. If not, I'm so sorry OP.

doubt it. he didn't ask why can't you have another one but why can't mom know, implying he did and told him shut up.

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That's so .... I'm so sorry this happened to you OP. Hope you and your husband can talk things through.

Why would anyone let their 5 year old know that they are cheating?

There's many reasons, not good ones though. The kid could've caught them, so the father had to explain and keep him quiet. Some actually bring the kid along to their affair, I think this is usually cause they need to look after the child, yet still want to cheat, this is just plain disgusting and selfish. Some people even tell their kids, maybe as a way of alleviating some guilt and not having to have it totally secret. I think the most simple answer though is that people can be stupid and selfish and some have no regard for how their actions hurt others including their own children.

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TinScarecrow 15

nvm. reading comprehension on cold pills. sorry