By AwkwardPotato - United States - Bakersfield
Today, my mom signed me up for a swimming class to show my sister there's nothing to be afraid of. Considering I'm 17, I assumed I'd be in an advanced class. Instead, I get to spend summer blowing bubbles in the shallow end with four-year-olds as my little sister cheers me on from the steps. FML
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  piedpiper303  |  29

#54 I don't think you understood the FML. OPs mom signed him up for swim lessons to show his little sister there's nothing to be afraid of. The OP also implied that they know how to swim, hence them thinking they would be in an advanced class.

  BradyT918  |  9

You wanna learn how to swim just jump off a boat into a lake. It will come to you quickly. That's how I learned. Granted I was thrown off as a kid. Although I did have a life jacket on.

  Llama_Face89  |  33

I fell off the back of my dads boat when I was a little over 1 year old. Probably should have been keeping a better eye on me. But I ended up one of the fastest kids on my swim team later on! XD

  SonOfAMitch  |  14

Okay - how could I put this simply to the people who are bragging about falling off a boat at a young age ... YOU. COULD. OF. DROWNED. Yes, the life jacket could help you, but falling off a boat with a motor going isn't a smart idea.

By  lochiamochia  |  25

Aww! Thanks extremely sweet, OP.
FYL for being the odd one out, but be happy that your sis is becoming less afraid due to your perseverance to stick with the kiddie lessons. Let her cheer you on, then do the same when she starts her lessons.


Actually, in some families siblings do not get along well. Especially when they steal items from you, but on topic not all of the time a little sibling wants to be compared to the eldest.