By whorecrux - 02/07/2013 03:37 - United States - Newark

Today, my boyfriend told me that he was going to buy me a "magic wand". Being a Harry Potter fanatic, I assumed he meant a replica wand. It turns out he actually meant a Magic Wand vibrator. I was more excited about the HP wand. FML
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Still, both wands can create some nice magic :)

Oh my god! A talking car! This IS magic!

No. Transformers are advanced biological robot aliens. No magic involved.


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Can't blame you, Harry Potter is awesome!

seriously, who wouldn't want a HP wand over a vibrator?

What I'm getting from reading all of these comments on this FML, is that someone could make bank by making a Harry potter wand-vibrator

monnanon 13

i would love to have one of the wands that you can use to change channels.

I don't know which is better. #24's comment or OPs username

#34, They have's called a remote control, just saying. LOL

OP's username. It's actually pronounced that way.

perdix 29

#71, using that thing would make you a Numblewhore.

66, they also make a HP wand yes, I'm sure she knows it's called a remote, it's in the product name. Think before you just insult people next time.

MerrikBarbarian 9

30 I was sure one already existed. Maybe it's time to experimenting with making one.... I got the supplies to attempt to make a custom vibe anyways to offer along with custom floggers I sell.... I think this has potential ;)

Well, I would be more excited about the HP wand as well. Nothing to be ashamed of!

You could always pretend its a real wand? A wand of pleasure and intimacy. And rainbows (tell me if you see Ron burgundy.)

"Look, The most glorious rainbow ever!" "Oh, Do me on it!"

bigtaytay 13

Well I guess when you found out it wasn't the HP wand, it left you so shocked, you were, shall I say *takes off sunglasses* immobulus

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Yeah obviously everyone with basic human needs are disgusting

Sorry, #7, if you can't handle intimacy FML's you shouldn't be on this website.

pinguino3669_fml 23

He was just trying to have a little fun...but a Harry potter wand would've been better for the OP it sounds like

zahra_786 19

I would have assumed the same, or that it was going to be one of those magic wand remote controls.. They look pretty awesome!

xmlguy 14

I have one - it's shockingly useless. It got expeliamas'd into the trash can.

I'd be more excited about the Harry Potter wand too.. Potterheads ftw!

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MiloBear 11

I would also assume a Harry Potter wand. It seems weird for somebody else to buy you a vibrator, unless you specifically told him what size/style you like.

Unless I am mistaken, couples buy each other toys all the time.

perdix 29

#22, you are mistaken. Many guys look at vibrators as rivals, not helpers. I can't shake at 60Hz (50 Hz, in Europe), so why would I introduce something that can?

graceinsheepwear 33

a magic wand vibrator is not an insertable so size is irrelevant. It has a large spinning head and lots of men enjoy using it on a woman.

A lot of men seem confused that sex is possible without putting a penis in something.