By whorecrux - United States - Newark
  Today, my boyfriend told me that he was going to buy me a "magic wand". Being a Harry Potter fanatic, I assumed he meant a replica wand. It turns out he actually meant a Magic Wand vibrator. I was more excited about the HP wand. FML
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30 I was sure one already existed. Maybe it's time to experimenting with making one.... I got the supplies to attempt to make a custom vibe anyways to offer along with custom floggers I sell.... I think this has potential ;)

By  yawateverok  |  10

ur bf is gross

By  MiloBear  |  11

I would also assume a Harry Potter wand. It seems weird for somebody else to buy you a vibrator, unless you specifically told him what size/style you like.

  perdix  |  29

#22, you are mistaken.

Many guys look at vibrators as rivals, not helpers. I can't shake at 60Hz (50 Hz, in Europe), so why would I introduce something that can?