By Anonymous - 25/09/2014 15:52 - United States - Red Oak

Today, as I was opening the door for my boyfriend, I pressed my boobs against the glass to make him laugh. I didn't see his dad standing just behind him at first, but he certainly saw me. FML
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Best future daughter in law ever

That's incredibly awkward o.o


That's incredibly awkward o.o

And incredibly hot

Hopefully his dad will have a sense of humor about it!

Imagine if his dad tells her in private "call me when you're ready to feel what a real man can do to you."

( o ).( o )

SystemofaBlink41 27

Your username fits your comment perfectly.

could have been worse, could have been his mother

colton_colton 49

Hopefully he wasn't just staring at you

Haha im sure the dad saw 2 sets of wide eyes

Were you wearing a shirt or not? That changes everything

Best future daughter in law ever

Yeah, if my future son will have a girlfriend like this, I'll know I did everything right! Thumbs up!

Ur funny

'Ur not'

If this happened to me my dad would have gone on a complete rant about how a proper lady should act and how I would never see her again unless she straightened up.

Now that my dad isn't looking over my shoulder, that's incredibly awkward and embarrassing.

What're you, 15?

learn to take a joke, jeez

Well if he ever pisses you off, rent a biker gal, have her spit on the floor and introduce her as your bride-to-be, lol :D

23lf 16

It's OK in Alabama! But seriously, check your surroundings. Thoroughly.

wintyrbunny 11

Lol, I live in Alabama.. That's not something you're supposed to see outside of privacy here, either :b

If nobody said anything, they most likely enjoyed the show . lol

But did he laugh?

At least it wasn't his mom.

nataliewby 25

Were you successful though?