By siikman313 - 12/09/2011 21:37 - United States

Today, my mom put me in an anger management class because I said "crap." FML
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leadman1989 15

You - "I'm gonna beat the CRAP out of you" No seriously FYL



leadman1989 15

You - "I'm gonna beat the CRAP out of you" No seriously FYL

fakeaccountX 6

Agreed; the context in which it was said really matters in this situation.

LiveLaughFML 10

your mom would send you to a mental institution for saying "bitch." :S

"I'm going to rip your eyes out, slice your feet off, and shove your crap down your throat" Sound familiar OP?

Mean_Mr_Mustard 9

69- Said the person with a carnivorous pokémon picture... 84- That's what she said!

I'd say you're ******, but I don't want to join the same class.

Prankster7o7 5

These FMLs get worse by the day.

It's not the FMLs that is the problem. It's all of the retarded comments that is the real problem.

In return you should have said **** FUCKITTY **** **** ****!! All the way to the door of anger management.

God only knows what would of happened if you said "shit" instead of "crap" :O

Its not only what you say, but HOW you say it... what you do after you say it. For example: CRAAAAAAP!! then punching a hole on the wall.

And then you put it on a **** my life site!! Omg!! Haha fyl OP :)

Dirty mouth? Clean it up with Orbit. ...or go wash your gosh-darn mouth out with soap right now, OP! You should be ashamed.

MichellinMan 20

For the first comment, I was expecting something like "Thats a crappy situation" but I guess not. Good.

Her money, let her waste it. At least you get something out of it and can use this down the road to prove to her her fail parenting.

The torment of being in an anger management class without you needing it it's not worth the pleasure of knowing her mom is wasting HER money and not OP's. Sorry OP, FYL. I hope you get your anger management certificate soon :P.

SirObvious 1
MichellinMan 20

You just said it again. You're so badass !

olpally 32

Just her mom being a crazy person... Hopefully op's dad is cool

olpally 32

His mom** sorry I saw the op's name just now.. Whoops

SpaceMan55 1

Wonder what she would do if some other words came out?

YdoIhaveAchode 4

Were you angry when you said it?

BigHoshJosh 0

I have a feeling op is under exaggerating a little bit.

ashtonkay 7

I think op did more than just say it, it wasn't a "hey mom I'll be back I have to take a crap" It was probably more of a "aw whatchu want mail man, you wunna box bruh?" (bucks at the mail man) "gimme ma mail before I beat the crap outta you and make you eat it! Go on..NOW GET, FOOL!" (goes inside) "mom, I'm back" (mom was looking out of the window the whole time)

chickenwalrus 14

i think he probably did something he didnt mean to like dropped something (or if hes a loser, lost at COD) and screamed CRAP!! haha

stacianichole 2

DAMN. *no mom, I don't need anger management like him for typing damn*

Buttsexpirate 9

Well that'll teach ya silly goose! Crap is a no-no word. You should say doody! Argh!

jrsylilballer6 7

"mom I need to take a crap." "I'm in the bathroom here!" "hurry!" *mom opens door* thats it I'm taking you to anger management, Now go do you're business and hurry so we can register you. FYL