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  Lenho  |  26

The torment of being in an anger management class without you needing it it's not worth the pleasure of knowing her mom is wasting HER money and not OP's.

Sorry OP, FYL. I hope you get your anger management certificate soon :P.

  ashtonkay  |  7

I think op did more than just say it, it wasn't a "hey mom I'll be back I have to take a crap"
It was probably more of a "aw whatchu want mail man, you wunna box bruh?" (bucks at the mail man) "gimme ma mail before I beat the crap outta you and make you eat it! Go on..NOW GET, FOOL!" (goes inside) "mom, I'm back" (mom was looking out of the window the whole time)

By  jrsylilballer6  |  7

"mom I need to take a crap."
"I'm in the bathroom here!"
*mom opens door*
thats it I'm taking you to anger management, Now go do you're business and hurry so we can register you. FYL