By Stickerless - United States
Today, I was pulled over for not having my car inspection up to date. I had my car inspected two weeks earlier. Since I'm at college my sticker was mailed to my home. My mother didn't want to pay the 42cent postage so now I have to pay $250.00 because my mother is cheap. FML
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By  Savvy89  |  0

Go Watch Flight of the Conchords- the episode where brett buys a cup for a few dollars, which causes them to go into debt, lose their guitars, home, and Jermaine ends up being a prostitue

oh and listen to the song
Flight of the Conchords- You don't have to be a prostitute

just some words of motivation.

By  jagg3d3d93  |  0

Ok possibly a dumb question, but what kind of inspection is it, and where are you located? I am guessing California and emissions inspection, but im not sure.

By  dontfwml  |  0

darn #4 beat me to it. i was gonna say the same.

also, you may be able to try to argue the ticket. go to court. show your proof of sticker, how you did the inspection but was mailed to your house, and didnt get mailed in before you got pulled over... you may be able to at least lower the fee

By  Briano75  |  0

You realise when you get it inspected they put the sticker on your window right there. If you live in America at least, i don't know about other places. Prehaps you mean the sticker that says 09 or 10 that goes on your liscense plate?
Either way, your fault, you should see things through

By  ohhhhshizzz  |  0

& #8, how can the OP "see things through" if their MOM wouldn't send the sticker? It is not their fault, and realize is spelled, REALIZE not realise.

By  ohhhhshizzz  |  0

And I would sure as hell make my mom pay that, be like okay Ill give you the 42 cent and you can pay my fee. And ba da bing were equal.
id go off on my mom:)

But apparently that'd never arise because my mom thinks shes going to move to the town I go to college in. Im going to NYU Im telling her Im going to Howard. =]