By Tadpolecrusader - 08/04/2015 11:05 - Australia

Today, I did the smart thing and bought an umbrella before walking to work. My efforts proved useless when a truck ran through a huge puddle and drenched me from head to toe. My underwear was still wet 4 hours later. FML
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I love reading your comments, they are amazing :D I thought it only happened in comics that sort of thing too. But the sheer force of this wave actually made me nearly fall over (the road drainage pipe was blocked I can only assume). And living in Australia means that we are not used to much rain. But I sure was wishing I had taken more notice. That being said, I can also add that the idea of bring extra clothes to work because of rain is a fairly foreign idea to us. Usually its just a light sprinkle throughout the day if at all, so often people don't even worry about an umbrella, unless we know its going to get heavy. As for work, I don't think my manager cared too much, she just found me a towel and let me do what I needed to. And I have no idea if the truck driver did it on purpose or even noticed. But judging the position of everything, I would say it was unavoidable for him. And he was coming up behind me, so I don't see him coming to avoid it. 10/10 will be more careful in the future :)

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i thought that only happened in cartoons

There comes a time when going commando is your best tactical option


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I'm sure it was only the puddle that made her underwear wet 4 hours later ?

I know being drenched in water sure makes me wet. *wink wink*

I won't down vote this cause you're blonde and you tried

demonddm 24

i thought that only happened in cartoons

Or cheesy movies when the main character is having a bad day and walking in the rain

Or when drivers are assholes and go out of their way to go through puddles. >.

and you're a woman. can anyone say infection?

That sucks, better buy a rainsuit next time

Living in Scotland, where it constantly rains, and having to walk past a busy road every morning on my way to university, I have gained a natural ability to time it so that I avoid this type of incident... I feel for you op

At least you will be dry on the way home from work :)

I always keep a spare pair of shoes. Maybe you should keep an entire spare outfit with you?

And if your underwear is damp, take it off;)

There comes a time when going commando is your best tactical option

Buy a Trenchcoat, bring a spare pair of pants and spare shoes and if possible store them at your workplace, watch out for puddles on the road and try to pass them as fast as possible.

Sounds like the truck really made a splash in your day! Hopefully it didn't water down your performance too much.