By Jaggu - United States
Today, I ran into an old friend from college on the bus to work. Having not seen each other in over 10 years, we spent a good 15 minutes talking about our lives after college. At the end, he asked me what my name was. FML
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#5 Is exactly right. I don't know what it is lately but I'm having trouble understanding why so many crappy FML's are being posted. Some things you have to wonder why or how the post is an FML. Out of the hundreds of FML's I've read this is definitely one of the crappy ones.


the conversation should have started like " hi my name is _______. idk if you remember me but we went to school together.". (2nd person choice 1) "oh yeah I remember you..." (2nd person choice 2) " oh yeah you're that guy who________" [insert embarrassing school memory] followed by awkward laughter
(2nd person choice 3) " sorry I don't remember you, who are you again..."
starting a sentence like so should avoid that awkward moment where op's friend forgets op's name.