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  KJRowling  |  13

The company sending it has nothing to do with import taxes, that happens at the other end. Some of the fees are also totally random (at least in the UK) so you cant predict them.

By  mt21mt  |  15

Yeah we get dragged over the coals all the time up here in Canada too eh, anything listed in American dollars can be pretty much at least doubled to become the amount in Canadian dollars that we have to pay in order to buy the item... And our politicians are too brainless/spineless to do anything about it, to make life easier for Canadians...
If you are upset about the charges on your blanket, be thankful you don't have our gas prices... ~$1.20/litre, which is $4.54/gallon...
But, thank you for shopping Canadian, and I apologize that our government made it so expensive for you.

  Manna182  |  10

$1.20 a litre for fuel is a cheap week in Australia. More often than not it's closer to $1.65

By  StrugsNotDrugs  |  19

As a Canadian I gotta say- im sorry to hear that, eh. That’s just insane. But also we understand the pain. Our dollar is absolutely horrifying so if we buy anything USD we can usually hear the cries of our bank accounts as we press the checkout button.

By  sharond23  |  10

I don't understand how you would get a bill for shipping. if you bought the item on line or from a catalog shipping would be charged and paid before shipping.