By SMCHR - 09/05/2011 03:22 - Ireland

Today, after I moved into my college dorm three days ago, my roommate is still convinced that she is a cat. FML
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Well pretend to be a dog and run her the **** outta there.


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and film it, the Internet loves that kind of shit.

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and film it, the Internet loves that kind of shit.

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I'm just wondering how she got accepted O/o

do I look like a cat to you sir hopping around all nimbly bimbly

Or, instead of petting her, you can pretend to be a goldfish and see what happens.

wheres your dorm how old is she coming over now

To bad she doesn't think she's a chicken - FREE EGGS.

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does your dorm neighbor thinks he a dog too???

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you should bring a male cat and see what happens... I love kittens! :)

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Cute? Nah people like that really do scare me. I went to H.S with a girl who thought she was actually a cat. She spent majority of her lunch period sitting underneath the art room table meowing, purring and licking herself. OP, I'm so sorry that you actually have to live with someone like that. At least she doesn't think she's a Howler Monkey? Talk about interrupted studies and sleepless nights.

Mintcar, I totally agree. At my school there is a girl who walks around on a leash, being dragged by another student. As we speak the administration is trying to figure out how to stop it. There is also a girl who is convinced that Edward Cullen is real. She believes the actors are not actors but the real people. She has sent Taylor Lautner death threats. She moves the Twilight books from fiction to non-fiction every day. When people don't have a grip on reality it's messed up.

I wish I did things like that in high school, it's so inconsequential I could've pretended I thought I was the reincarnation of Vlad the Impaler or something.

maybe she's just a furry! embrace it.

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46, super troopers is funny, but you need to watch the fighting salmon. it's by the same people

she actually just wants the whole dorm room to herself...


OP goes to an idiots college, fyl

There are people outside of the furry fandom that identify as animals (they arent furries tho) is like the adults that are babies/little kids except with animals (also not always a sexual thing)

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my friend thinks shes a cat too. ADD ftw?

well it is, who pretends that they are a cat in college? grow up, or go back home !

It's normal. She's from Ireland. Most probably drunk.

30-I'm ADHD which is pretty much the same as ADD and I'm fine. I just need to always be distracted by something.

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super creepy...... but can you say MENTAL WARD!!!!

dose she uses the litterbox and walk around nude?

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I think the Op is just a pussy... hah see what I did there?

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well have fun with catwoma

hehehe this is the worst Fml comment ever!!!

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hey u shld txt me num is on my profile

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160, you're gonna get yourself kidnapped!

I know! I almost want to send her number to everyone to text-bomb her. This is why you don't post your number on FML, kid!

why would you want complete strangers to have your number..?

be nice she's just a kid, we've all done things we aren't proud of later in life.

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well have fun with catwoman

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well have fun with catwoman

m0tl3ycru3 0

well have fun with catwoman

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is this Lacey and your roommate Hannah?