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Today, my mom found a pack of cigarettes in my pocket. She hates smoking, so she tore every single cigarette to pieces, then emptied a bag of kitty litter on them. On my bed. FML
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So, hoover your damn bed and stop smoking.

Marijuana causes just as many respiratory problems. The whole, "Pot is better for you than cigarrettes," is an old wives tale. The only reason the stats are lower is because some people ingest it without smoking it. Fact is, it's still a mind altering substance that can cause problems. It does have some good medical applications, but that's of course for the people who aren't just abusing it. Smoking anything is bad for you. Period. That's why medical marijuana dispensaries offer a lot of edible alternatives.


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Actually, pot is in no way more harmful than cigarettes. In fact, it causes less respiratory issues, and does hold some beneficial effects.

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You are right, but try to explain that to an employer....

True. Unfortunately ignorance is abundant in that subject.

Marijuana causes just as many respiratory problems. The whole, "Pot is better for you than cigarrettes," is an old wives tale. The only reason the stats are lower is because some people ingest it without smoking it. Fact is, it's still a mind altering substance that can cause problems. It does have some good medical applications, but that's of course for the people who aren't just abusing it. Smoking anything is bad for you. Period. That's why medical marijuana dispensaries offer a lot of edible alternatives.

@64 Pot is actually better for you than tobacco. There have been numerous studies which have shown that heavy marijuana smokers exhibit no obstruction in the lung's airways. This indicates that marijuana does not cause emphysema. Obviously smoking anything is bad for you. As you stated, there's edible alternatives, as well as things like vaporisers, etc. Also, a lot of people smoke marijuana with tobacco, which means the negative effects of tobacco will be present. This is also where the "marijuana is highly addictive" argument comes from. Also, of course abusing anything will affect you negatively. It's abuse of a substance. A bit of marijuana now and again is going to have no long term effect whatsoever.

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Eating fast food is also very bad for your health, so i get to go to the local Mcdonalds and repo the Big Mac that the obese people were eating. I do not condone marijuana, but i am not against it either. The only time ive been against it was when my buddy tried to use my army gas mask to make a bong or something of the sorts, i wasnt gonna let that fly. Cellphones are also bad for you, that amount of radiation cannot be good so close to your brain, do i get to smash peoples blackberry, because its not "good" for them. Or sex as another example, its the cause of widespread STDs, should i be able to destroy someones genatalia because, if they catch an STD, it would be "bad" for their health? Everything enjoyable in life is "bad" for you, the trick is trying to live as long as you can enjoying them.

I'm not against marijuana. I'm not a fan of it, personally, but I'm not stupid enough to see that it doesn't have good qualities. My brother has a medical marijuana license because he used to get migraines 1-2 times per week (starting at the age of 11 or 12?). I absolutely agree with him having it. He also doesn't abuse it. When I said abuse before, I mean the people who can't go 30 minutes without having more. I also mean the people who make up disorders just to buy it legally. Whereas fast food and multiple things are "bad for you," they aren't as harmful as smoking every day. Also, anyone who abuses something is harming themselves. There are many more people who follow the "everything in moderation," mantra. Smoking's not normally in moderation, lol. I should know! Any time I tried to "cut back," I'd end up smoking more than I usually did. I didn't really want to quit, but I definitely notice the difference now that I have. I quit because I knew I needed to and because my boyfriend moved out here. Also, military is a different breed when it comes to smoking. Whereas a normal person, like me, notices the respiratory differences, I had many friends who would smoke while they were out running. Idk, how you guys do it, but it's impressive.

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LOL, yes, i have smoked while running, it gives me a "second wind"

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Oh look, the old "pot whould be legal" debate where a bunch of hippie underachievers pretend they're writting a research paper even though most of then feel that "school is stupid, man" and a bunch of anal-retentive Conservafags claim that pot rapes women and worships satan. Never seen THAT one... Anyway. Buy a pack of cigs, an industrial sized pack of litter, and repeat what she did to you on HER bed.

Way to stereotype... I'm hardly what you'd call a hippie underachiever, and generally people debating against pot have just been misinformed. I don't smoke it regularly, and have no misconceptions of it being "amazing" and "everyone should do it". I'm just of the opinion that it should be legalised, and there's currently no valid argument why it isn't, especially given that tobacco and alcohol are legal.

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I don't mean to sound anal, I probably will. I hate smoking. It is killing my sister (who has pancreatitis and doesn't seem to realize that drinking and SMOKING will kill her), it killed my grandfather and causes my asthma to skyrocket. Beside that point (that I think it is disgusting) I do not mind if people want to do it in the privacy of their own home. No one has the right to deny you your smokes. But if Op is living at home and under 18 then his mother has a legal and I guess "moral" right to say Op can't smoke. After 18 then the mother has no right to damage his property. What I don't like is smokers ruining outside dining for me and smoking in front of their children or while pregnant.

Personally I think the increased liklihood of developing a psychological disorder is a valid reason why it should not be legal but that's just me.

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Reyo, i hope your not classifing me as a "hippie underachiever" That would be by far the most off target thing said about me on the internet.

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On another note, Reyo, school is by far stupid. Famous words of Benjamin Franklin : " I never let mys schooling interfere with my education" School, by far is stupid, i was never challenged in high school, not once, i skipped more days of high school then people that have dropped out, and carried a 3.8 GPA. And i whole heartedly believe that the things i learned on the days when i wasn't in school, have benefited me more then any class in high school. Im not trying to start a rivalry with you over the internet, but you stereotype a little bit to much, i do agree with the end of your post though. : P

Shouldn't have skipped that English class, smart guy. ;)

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LOL ^ It's the internet though, so i really dont care. At LEaSt I dOnT wRItE LyKe DiS. lol.

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I hate when people think that because pot is illegal, it's worse. Tobacco is far more damaging. Alcohol is one of the #1 worst DRUGS ever. You cant get addicted to pot, like you can with alcohol and cigarettes. Stupid close minded/uneducated people....and to the OP- Its called a vacuum cleaner.

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I'm not an under achiever just because of my opinion on pot. If they made it legal, then the government could put a tax on it and sell it- therefore improving the economy. I am 14, and have never smoked pot before, but at least I know what I am talking about. So being educated in drugs makes me an underachiever? Wow. Sure, school sucks, but I'm not about to drop out. I'm going to Carolina thank you very much.

well at least your getting busted now, if your smart enough to stop you'll avoid a lot of health problems that include lack of a gf because cigaretts kill you from the inside out painfully and slowly, and does make you ugly.

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even habitual pot smokers smoke waay less then cigarette addicts, and weed, being illegal, doesn't have all the factory-added carcinogens that cigarettes do. so, smoking bud has much fewer harmful affects on one's body than cigarettes. it does, however, kill brain cells and causes one to have poor short term memory, but at least that doesn't kill you

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that's what you get for smoking you dick

ur a ******* dumbass. pot isn't bad for u.

YDI for smoking u stupid mother ******!

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i think tobacco and alcohol should also be illegal like pot...

#182 - Actually the myth of Pot killing brain cells is a mere misconception. The way the test was done was illegitimate and truly a dispicable way of testing. Period. They basically suffocated the test subjects (Which were at the time Monkeys) by putting masks on them and filling them with nothing but smoke from burning Marijuana. A symptom of suffication is the loss of Brain Cells. The memory loss I have nothing to say to combat that as I hve had short term memory loss my whole life, and so have all my other friends. I would also like to add that I don't smoke daily or anything...

Reyo - I find it quite hysterical that you would call pot smokers "Underachievers" and people who say "School is stupid, man".... But yet you have so much improper grammar, and horrible spelling. I must admit though I do support peace, and I have a beard and long hair (Which I will be getting cut) but yet I'm not a hippie because of matters that will take too long to explain. Also I have learned quite a deal more when I was out of school than when I was in. I have barely skipped any days of school really and I don't even try and I get A's and B's... I will purposely fail the beginning of the quarter of a class meant to be challenging just to see if I can get my grades up by the end of the quarter so there will be at least a little bit of a challenge. School only teaches you the basics, it's up to you to overcome; which I see you still need to do... I'm sorry for misspellings I'm on my iPhone and not yet accustomed to the keyboard fully.

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Reyo is one of the only people right in this blog! To the guy above me: if the first part of your argument is attacking his grammer, you've already lost. and I've said this before, I LOVE it when people like you say "I smoke and I'm a genious so bleh!" really eh? mmhm... And doesn't kill brain cells?? Then what the **** is it doing cause every pothead I've met are so stupid they should be claimed disabled. Pot makes you lazy, and dumb. No, there are no addictive parts to it so you "can quit anytime" right? It's the lifestyle that's addictive. Why not skip comparing smoking and pot with your lungs. Why not think about your brain?? What gives you a stronger trip/buzz? How long does each last? Can you perform basic functions still or are you pretty much fried for the next couple of hours? Yeah, weed. If you're saying weed should be legalised and it's not harmful, go take your pipe to your basement and withdraw from society so you can weed yourself out and the people worth living can continue their lives.

You're SORRY? This OP is probably underage, plus smoking is crappy and you have to be an inconsiderate, selfish jerk to ever do that to the people around you in the first place. I would've built a shed in the yard. It'd have its own little shower stall and an outhouse nearby; I'd run an extension cord out to it for a microwave and a little mini-fridge, which I would stock with food. I'd put blankets in it. Then I'd kick his smoke-reeking butt out of MY house, and tell him to NEVER come back into it until he could convince me he was through with smoking forever... which would be impossible until he was 25 and take at least three signed statements from references that he had NOT known in high school.

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Because people aren't allowed make their own decisions? Generally, the only person she's hurting by smoking is herself. Especially since the anti-smoking laws (no smoking in businesses, etc) cut down the amount of second hand smoke anyone is exposed to by nearly 100%. It was a stupid reaction by the mother.

maybe the mom doesn't want her hurting herself.

Unless she's a minor, it's still her decision. The better way to handle it would have been to sit down and talk to her. People seem to over-react a quite a bit when smoking is involved.

i agree with #2, ydi for smoking, people may have their choice, but that doesnt meen its immune from being subjegated to negative actions against that choice, i put the odds at the op being 15-17 at 80%, and even if she is 18+ theres never an excuse to smoke, if you smoke you close family members have the rights to do whatever they think is necisary to stop it, the kitty litter was a bit much but if i found out one of my siblings smoked id destroy their entire current stash of it, then hit them upside their head to put some sense into them, smoking is a persons choice it just happens to be a bad one and her mom had all the right to step in, because smokers dont listen to confrontations about smoking like some1 said above me, they will say "ok ok i know its bad for me" then continue to smoke in a even more secretive fashion

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Glad to see you're accepting of other people's choices, 23. What right have you to tell people what they can and cannot do with their lives?

i dissagree, even if laws become better it doesn't meen that smoking is something good, quite the opposite I personaly dispise people who smoke simply because it's a senceless act of self-harm. you're free to deside wether to smoke or not, you're also free to deside wether to stab youreself in the eye with. being free to decide doesn't make them free from judgement

@23 You're quite wrong. According to your logic, I'm free to go around hitting everyone who eats a McDonalds, or everyone who drinks. Oh, you have a wine cellar? Well alcohol is legal, but isn't good for you. I think I'll just smash every bottle of wine you own. You know what is against the law though? Destruction of property. And assault, so no hitting them upside the head either. @27 There's plenty of things that people do that self harm. People drink, smoke, eat their favourite food, partake in dangerous sports. You know why they do it? Because they find it enjoyable. Just because you don't, doesn't give you the right to judge other people's choices. Bottom line is that other people smoking doesn't affect you (unless they're purposely blowing smoke in your face, but then they're just an ass). Let others make their own decisions in life, and live how they want to, as long as it doesn't affect the rights of others. Don't push your own ideals on others.

Honestly just let the girl go outside to smoke. She won't affect anyone and maybe even will go smoking less because her mother won't actually go on a rampage but just shows her she is disappointed in her daughter and she has to go outside to smoke so she first will have to get the cigarettes, put on a jacket and stand outside in rain or cold weather if she's unlucky. If it's just a temporary habit you'll get rid of it that way after a while but if she's really a smoker and is old enough to legally do it (in some countries 16 years and older in others she will have to be 18) it's her really just her choice. I don't believe it will kill her or get her a horrible diseases like lung cancer just because she smokes. Smoking will lower your resistance to illnesses that's true and there probably indeed did some people die because they were smoking (like a madman probably) but a lot of cases that people died because they smoke are just bull shit, they wouldv'e getten (for instance) cancer anyway they just happened to smoke. Doadorant spray also causes cancer, I don't see people who use those are getting any comments on that, just like many other things that are proven to cause deadly diseases. I'm not a smoker btw.

I hope you aren't serious. Smoking causes lung cancer. It's a direct cause and effect relationship. Brush up on your research and don't be ignorant. Doctors don't just say stuff like that to scare you. It's been scientifically proven to be the LEADING cause of lung cancer. I'd love to see your reasonings for not believing scientific research.

The leading cause of lung cancer is CANCER. Smoking has been proven to increase the risk of cancer, but someone if someone gets lung cancer you can't prove weather or not that was caused by the smoking. People have been getting cancer before sigs were even invented, it's not some magical tumour growing stick, people need more sense.

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Her Mom is stupid by dumping it upon her bed, but maybe her mom doesn't want her daughter to become a junky.

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If the mother had access to the daughter's bed, kitty litter and laundry (to find the cigarettes) then it seems the daughter was in the mothers house. Despite the age limit, the mother has a right (as she pays the bills) to say what actions are done on her property. My mother lost her father to lung cancer and as I said before, my sister is killing herself because she refuses to stop smoking. It might be the choice of the person, but what about those of us watching you smoke your life away. Op, if you are in her house then you don't have a right to smoke on her property, or bring them into her home. It would be the same if the mother said she didn't like ****, or alcohol or believed that sex needs to be between two married people and OP was having sex in the house. Op's mother owns the house and thus has a right to do what she sees fit. It sucks, but if Op wants to smoke, then she needs to do it outside the house and respect her mother enough not to bring them into the home. She might be legal, but the law also says that if you own the property, you make the rules (within reason). Like businesses that say, "Don't smoke inside" the Op's mom has a right to decide what is brought into the home. So Op, move out or don't disrespect your mother. if you do not live at home, and are in a dorm/apartment, then your mother had no right to dictate what you do.

I think 23 plays assassin's creed and likes the other side that joke sucked

why the **** are the majority of ppl saying YDI???

Because smoking was involved. Apparently that instantly means YDI. Could even be something like "Today, I was having a cigarette outside. I saw a toddler crossing the street in front of a car and ran out to save it. I succeeded. Afterwards someone shot me with not warning. FML". People would still vote YDI for smoking.

The fact is, if her mother found the cigs in her pocket, that probably means the OP lives at home. If the OP lives at home, she is most likely underage. Even if she isn't underage, she is still living under her mother's roof. I used to smoke, and more than once, my mom threw my cigs away. That was when I was living out on my own at 25, too. I would never take that as an fml. That was her trying to show that she didn't approve, and tbh, she shouldn't have. Why would she want to see me smoke and end up with lung cancer and die a slow painful death? What mother should EVER be ok with that? Vile, it's pretty obvious that you smoke and enjoy it. That's great, but it DOES affect other people even if you think the effect is minimal. As a former smoker, the truth is, you don't REALIZE how much it affects those around you. You can't smell it as much as a nonsmoker because you're used to it. As someone who works in a hospital and gets to see the effect of secondhand smoke on people, I could never try to say it doen't affect others. That's just being ignorant and defensive of your habit.

Why are so many people pointing out that the OP might be under 18, and thus be smoking illegally? Notice that she's in the Aland Islands, NOT the US! I don't believe there are any age limits on smoking there!

I understand that smoking can affect those around you, but in my case the effect is completely minimal. I'm nearly 23, and still live at home. Trying to rent, let alone buy, anywhere decent in Ireland is insane without a decent job (and currently that's quite hard to get). I'm just out of University too, with an excellent degree. The fact is, I've smoke for years. My family didn't notice at all until I told them, and they still frequently ask because they just can't tell otherwise. Both my parents were former smokers. I don't smoke inside my house, or in most confined spaces (unless it's inside someone's room/house which they smoke in, and I always make sure to ask first). If anyone asked me to smoke outside, I would respect their wishes and do so. I understand that secondhand smoke does affect people, but there's virtually zero chance of any effect if I smoke outside (as I mentioned earlier, that's unless I'm blowing smoke in someone's face, in which case I'm just an ass).

Either way, she most likely still lives at home. In that case, it's still her mother's rules. I mean, if she found the cigarettes in her pocket and left them with kitty litter on the OP's bed, it's pretty likely she still lives at home. Sorry, even if you're an adult living at home, you don't really get free reign. OP probably is not paying for rent or food or basic needs at home. Therefore, she needs to abide by her parents rules.

Vile, I understand that, but there are many smokers who are NOT respectful of the people around them. I always was, and I tried to stay away from people when I did it. Even though you're 23 and living at home, your family doesn't seem to be so absolutely opposed to it. I can't fault the mother. If the OP knew her mother hated smoking that much, she should have never brought the cigs into the house. When I stayed at my mom's, I always kept my cigarettes in my car. It's a respect issue. As much as I loved smoking and enjoyed it, I never faulted my mother for hating it. We've watched a great grandmother and a great aunt die from lung cancer. I would never expect anyone in my family to be ok with it, and that's why I kept it away from them.

In that case, I'd definitely rate it as a FML. If the OP's parent's don't respect her privacy or her decision, then it's a bad situation. Rules are one thing, and you should always have respect for those you live with, if they're your family or not, but the mother went a bit too far. She could have easily had a discussion with the daughter instead of that knee-jerk reaction. I highly doubt the OP is going to stop smoking, and the mother is probably only going to impose more unjust rules. I'm also presuming that the OP is over the legal age to purchase tobacco.

@72 True that a lot of smokers aren't respectful. I just presumed that the OP's mother might respect her privacy (since the cigarettes were in her pocket), and I consider it a FML because she didn't. I also thought the reaction was very over-the-top. I would presume that the only place the OP could keep the cigarettes is in the house. I'm not sure how many people drive over there, but I would presume it wouldn't be too high given the overall area of the Aland Islands.

I guess Im just used to the fact that there is NO privacy in my mom's house. For people that are used to it, it's not usually a big deal, lol.

@47, since apparently a real answer wasn't given, just a dumb conversation. It's because only idiots smoke. Any FML involving the OP smoking is a YDI. Nothing actually good ever comes out of it.

@81 Ah, that would explain it. I've seen a couple of situations like that (people who's parents would frequently go through all their drawers, closets, etc). I think it's quite insane. Once I was 14 or so, my parents didn't poke around my room. They'd come in occasionally with washed clothes, etc., but even these they'd just leave on the bed. @90 So just because I choose to smoke, I'm an idiot? Wow, that's an insanely ignorant comment. There are actually people who enjoy smoking, just like people who enjoy drinking. Or eating fast food. Or racing cars in a circle. Or how about tanning? There are tons of things we do that are bad for us. And there are plus sides to smoking too, it's not all just negatives. Smoking does things like focus you, help you relax, help with stress, prevents a certain amount of weight gain, helps with anxiety/depression, etc.

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You smoke? Nice, I tried once or twice, not cigars or pot, though. I think I love Vile now.

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Some cat litter smells acceptable. Did you get lucky? =D

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I hope your cat takes ***** on your bed.

So, hoover your damn bed and stop smoking.

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No. No, they really aren't. If that's all she ate all the time, yeah, but what are the chances of that? Cigarretes cause lung cancer. Plain and simple. Not they CAN, they DO. Cake, butter, and all that CAN cause obesity that leads to other issues. It doesn't necessarily, though. There's a Huge difference between a possibility and a direct cause.

Not to mention it's also bad for the people around you while eating cake butter and that other shit only effect you

@ 5 how is that teaching her anything that is just retarded if I were her clean it up and go buy some cigs