By Macy - 11/06/2011 20:36 - Italy

Today, I found cigarette butts at the bottom of the toaster. My mother has been dropping them in there for I don't know how long. FML
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maybe you should explain to her that toasters, are for toast.


eminemchick 19

new method of lighting cigarettes i assume.xD

eminemchick 19

new method of lighting cigarettes i assume.xD

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does OPs dad put his crack in the blender too?

imacreeper 3

well that's a new way of second hand smoking!

seriously if you are just gonna put fyl please refrain from posting a comment

It's a legit comment, but short enough to be able to be the first one.

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they didn't catch on fire?

Does you little sister happen to fill her sippy cup with her buddy john adams...?

Absolutely disgusting and hilarious at the same time. Now this is a classic FML!

maybe you should explain to her that toasters, are for toast.

toasters are for bread, witch makes toast.....

I'm kind of curious as to how OP found the cigarettes in the toaster in the first place, do they look in there to check and see if it's actually toasting? Or maybe they found them while sticking their fork in there...just an idea.

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#33 witch? lol...unless the bread is toasted by a witch who flies on a broomstick, then which is the word you want to use.

#80 I'm not sure if this is what the OP did to find them, but every so often I clean out the toaster by popping off the bottom to get all the crumbs. I usually do this when i notice its getting dirty or if you can smell burning because of the stuff there. I'm guessing cigarette butts would have an awful burn smell.

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holagranola those are some pretty long fingers you got there :)

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80 sometimes before I make toast I flip the toaster over the sink to get some crumbs out. idk if OP did that but ya

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wouldn't u notice smokey toast?

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Add gasoline to teach her a lesson

youngbuck10 9

Cigarette butts cannot catch gasoline on fire. It's not an open flame. You would have to flick the whole lit cigarette pretty damn hard to create a spark which ignites gasoline. Seriously, spill some gas on the ground and throw a lit cigarette on it, it puts it out.

It doesn't have to be direct contact. It can also be the fumes from gasoline.

youngbuck10 9

Fumes can catch a lighter on fire, not a lit cigarette. It is NOT an open flame.

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Damn it! Thought I had a good idea there

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Maybe she was trying to light them using the toaster, but accidentally dropped them inside it?

this would only make sense if they are full length, and she didn't learn from her mistakes

TheDrifter 23

The toaster would light them and they'd burn to butts. She could also be an alcoholic, drunks tend to screw up the same things over and over.