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Today, my mom found my pack of cigarettes. She's now making me go to rehab. I had only smoked one cigarette ever just to try it. I didn't even like it. FML
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watch out for the guy saying, "rehab? you came to rehab for cigarettes? I used to suck dick for coke. have you ever sucked dick for cigarettes?!"

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watch out for the guy saying, "rehab? you came to rehab for cigarettes? I used to suck dick for coke. have you ever sucked dick for cigarettes?!"

Yeah I really don't understand why kids these days would even think of trying one. It's sooo gross and even a 5 year old can tell you that it's bad for you.

cigarettes are soo appealing. who wouldn't want dull, yellow teeth, a constant smoky smell, black lungs, and especially cancer. bald is totally in this year.

There are man things that could lead someone to smoke. It could be social pressures, curiosity, stress... anything. It's really no use trying to figure out why informed people choose to pay cigarette companies to kill them.

many* (offtopic: can the app PLEASE get an edit function?)

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not when you get lung cancer.

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you go to rehab for cigarettes?

oh you smoke?... that's so cool! jks ur gona die

Well, OP, I have to be honest: If I found a cigerette pack in my son's room, I'd go mental too...I wouldn't go too far as to send him to rehab...although, me finding alcohol would be a different story. But, I can see why your mother is doing this. I know many kids who are smoking without even the smallest particle of suspicion from their parents. So, while you say it was just the one smoke, you could be taking 10 a day, for all your mother knows. YDI for even trying it...smoking really screws up your life.

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10 - 5 was being sarcastic....

11 is right. I had to go to what was basically eating disorder rehab in 11th grade and we all made fun of one girl who had no problem eating and could have been treated in outpatient. in those kind of environments there is a "whoever is sickest is the best" mentality.

If this eating disorder rehab was for fat people, that's downright pathetic.

you'd send your kid to rehab if you found alcohol in their room?

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hahahha!!! 11 wins!! love that movie!

Way to generalize, people, way to generalize.

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if u wanted to try it, why did you buy a whole pack? lol just buy singles or ask someone for one? lol

develop a drug problem, or enjoy your vacation, it will be one, just with people freaking out crying screaming yelling getting pissed, like disneyland except no gay people in costumes

cigarettes? that's stupid I got caught smoking and didn't have to go to rehab. but either way it is bad for you and I'd advise if you ever get the urge to do it again don't lol. although I'm sure rehab will take care of that lol. but at any rate fyl and ydi. I'm undecided on this one

All of you saying OP deserves it for trying it are missing the point of the fml. OP's mom is a crazy BITCH for sending the kid to rehab for nicotine. Rehab is for people who actually have problems. It's not a ******* joke.

cigarettes are gross...should have tried a friends instead of buying your own. or try a blunt. but smoking sucks and drinking wins <3

that's called mom teaching you a freaking lesson

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you don't look cool either. but your girlfriend probably still does you....

@73, yeah because a blunt's so much better.

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So you bought a whole pack because you wanted to try one? I'm sure you could have bummed one off of a friend instead of buying a pack if you really just wanted "to try" one.

Well, blunts are better. Weed= getting high. Cigarrettes= nasty.

83 a blunt is all the vile smelling lung raping fun of a cigarette, with the added bonus of looking and acting like a moron!

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I don't think you can bash something till you try it. everyone saying ydi for trying smoking obviously have no idea what they're talking about. and fun fact for you: the oldest person to ever live lived to be 122 and smoked cigarettes so I think you should let people decide whether smoking is worth it for themselves.

oh.. that sucks. I was curious once but I didn't buy a whole pack to try it out, I got one from my friend :) no one wants a cute Indian guy to get those physical characteristics of a smoker though ;)

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83- actually weed's a lot better for you than cigarettes, but blunts are gross. Weed is not addictive and it gets rid of headaches, stomach aches, menstrual cramps, and even helps relieve people of anxiety.

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Weed is addictive. Not as addictive as cigarettes or many other drugs but it definetly is addictive.

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92- have you ever even tried smoking a blunt? Blunts don't taste as good as smoking from a bong or a bowl, but you don't act like a moron unless you cross buzzes with let's say alcohol or something. Weed makes you passive and calm, and it makes you think about some really funny shit, but it's not addictive. So don't diss something you don't know about.

thanks for the education smokergirl420 (long live the pothead queen) I obviously don't know as much as you. I choose not to do things like that, I have former friends that are into that crap, I've been around them, I've seen the effects, I get the picture. I'll say whatever I want, I don't really care if I offended you

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I've tried a cigarette and didn't really find the point to it, but everyone that saying smoke a blunt! I agree(:

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nah, you didn't offend me. I live my life one way, you live yours a different way and I respect that. I'm sorry that I came across a little bitchy, I seriously didn't mean to do that. I know a lot of people who smoke pot, most of them are actually mature about it, but some people I know are immature and act like a complete dumbass when they're high. Oh, and just so you know, that whole "pothead queen" shit was a little uncalled for, I'm not sittin here calling you names.

Actually, weed is addictive. I never said it wasn't slightly better than cigarettes, I just said that it's not significantly better. There's still smoke going into your lungs. There can also be chemicals with the weed, depending on where you get it from. It probably gets rid of the headaches because it makes you lose focus of the current situation. Like pain meds, the pain is still there, you just don't care. With the really good pain meds, the nerves are blocked so you don't feel it. Then they wear off, and the pain feels ten times worse.

it seemed like you were criticizing me for NOT being into that stuff, that's why I got a little defensive

when you are high you make full stops look both ways and watch your speed limit, there is zero deaths in the world from pot, yet hundreds of people die from cancer alcohol related situations and overdose the only way to overdose is to smoke 3,000 pounds of hydro in 15mins and even then you die because of smoke inhalation so make it legal get the goverenment to sell it to pay off the debt, and get rid of drug dealers

ydi for just trying it in the first place.

and weed is not addictive if you quit it takes one full day for seratonin to regulate in your system then one month to completley be clean out of your system it only effects one percent of your lungs if smoked properly no j's or blunts or metal devices dont belive me look it up and there is a documentary called super high me

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I agree with 64 and un if you didn't like them why did you risk getting caught and keep them why didn't you give them away or throw them out

113, how many people actually know how to smoke it "properly"? Also, how many people ARE smoking it "properly"? If weed wasn't addictive, why are so many people I know addicted?

Weed IS addictive. Just because your body doesn't go through withdrawl (I don't think I spelled that right) doesn't mean it's not addictive. Hell gambling can be addictive, so can sex. I have family members who openly admit to being being addicted.

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118 is right. weed is addictive, Mentally. people tend to self medicate with weed and therefore make themselves believe they need it to get through the day. such as to eat and go to sleep at night. so it's not like other hardcore drugs but it can be addictive.

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Not a good argument. ANYTHING can be mentally addictive. Physical addiction is the bad one and weed is not physically addictive. Don't know if you're for or against it, just stating that for the record :P Mental addiction for the most part is just a lack of willpower. Try being physically addicted to something and you'd know there is a world of difference. One is want and not willing to stop yourself, the other is need and fighting to stop yourself (at least later on) but failing.

Mental addiction is still addiction of a sort.

all in all what i am trying to get at is it isnt as bad as things available over the counter, i would've rather had my dad come home high and pass out rather then drunk and beat my mom

Yeah mental addiction is still addiction. However I'm sure your right in the fact that physical addiction is MUCH worse.

126, beatings can still happen when a person is high. Going on that argument, no one is truly safe from anyone under any influence. 128, physical addiction is worse, but mental addiction can be just as bad depending on the degree of it.

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I wouldn't say weed is addictive, and I don't think it is. You don't become dependent on it, you don't really crave it, and you can start and stop anytime you want. For some people I know that have smoked for over 5 years or so, they can stop smoking and at first they get a little bored cause they're used to getting high everyday, but then they just get over it without any problems. I know from experience that when you're not smoking for a while that sometimes you're just like "I feel like getting high" but it's just from being bored and sometimes you just get in the mood to be high, but you don't go through any withdrawal or frustration like you would from an addiction.

Yes, you can become dependent, the same as you can crave it.

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126- weed does not make people aggressive. It makes you passive, and when you're really stoned you're body is so relaxed and you are very very calm. I guess someone could beat someone if they're high, but it's very unlikely. There's this couple I smoke with a lot and before they smoke they argue all the time, but after they smoke, they're too stoned to even think about arguing.

Smokergirl don't ignore the facts. People go to rehab for weed. I personally know someone who is still trying to get over her addiction, and I'm sure she will agree with me and say weed is addictive.

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stonergirl...mental addiction does exist. I myself am a heavy pot smoker and when I first got put on probation it was pretty difficult the first few weeks. smoking turns into a lifestyle and when you have to quit for the first time in 6 yrs it can be difficult. I myself lost 10 lbs when I first quit because I was never hungry when I wasn't high. it is much easier to get over than physical addiction but it does exist.

the only argument is addiction, but even food is addictive, weed in my mind is ok cause not one person in the world has not died not one person that really should say something

139- You're saying you can't overdose? If that's what you're saying then you are right. But there are other side effects besides death.

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I know people go to rehab for weed, and like anything else in the world it can be addictive. If you have been smoking for years it can be difficult to stop for a while. From experience I have never had any problems, but that is because I from the very beginning I kept myself from smoking all the time. Right now I haven't smoke in over 2 months because I'm looking for a job. I'm around weed 24/7 and I am not bothered at all by the fact I can't smoke. Everyone's different, but me personally from experience does not find weed addictive.

Weed has different effects for everyone. Some people are more aggressive while others are more passive and calm. Others turn hyper. Don't classify people in the same category if they don't belong there. If the weed is laced with a substance, this may also affect their mood/personality.

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I agree with you. That's why you have to be careful about what weed you buy. I've heard about it laced with opium and even embalming fluid ( which can make you go brain dead) In order to overdose on weed you need to smoke 15 pounds in 10 minutes and that is very very unlikely.

Smokergirl if you are able to control yourself then there is a really good chance you won't get addicted. But kids nowadays don't control themself, but that's a different conversation.

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I agree with you on that too, there are so many things people shouldn't do if they can't control themselves.

which are? addiction-ok anything else on side effects? let me see.... it decreases 1 percent of lung capacity over a five year role of smoking everyday through a evaporator it can treat stomach pains nausea and even headaches people with cancer smoke so the can regain appettite it can be flushed out of your system in one day using a detox people with sleeping disorders epillepsy and glacaouma and eating disorders get treated with weed to treat symptoms the only side effects that i will agree on is laziness, drowsiness, and a 0-very mild short term memory loss and that 1 percent of lung capacity that is lost but can be regained with a few sessions at a gym for medicinal purposes-it should be a sure yes for recreation-ok but put a limit also dont forget about hemp products fabric, lotion beauty products ect. its not a bad thing it just has a bad rep

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The only brain damage it really does is decrease your short term memory, there could be more, but that's the only one I know about.

no brain damage it is short term memory loss it is so mild it is equivalent to erasing one pic off your camera a week alcohol gives u brain damage cigarrettes coat your lungs in tar pills(asprin,bayer,etc) eat away your stomach inner lining hell even food will give you diabetes lol

there are cooler ways to die! smoke trees!

Lots of the stoners I know have smoked themselves stupid. It does cause brain damage. It can also lead you into stronger more serious drugs. I'm not going to argue with you guys about whether weed is good for you or not because that's just silly.

So if there are no side effects, why are all the stoners I've seen usually spacey and talk in that annoying voice that they ALL seem to have (heh... duuuudeee...) even when they're not high? And smokergirl I'm glad you think that it's totally cool that that couple you mentioned can't get along unless they use weed to block out how much they get on each others' nerves. Sounds like a real healthy relationship. Great example.

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Weed still hurts your lungs and throat after a while of using. It doesn't have all of the carcinogens that cigarettes do, but it still causes quite a bit of damage over a period of time.

because some are immature, usually when you speak to stoners they are usually high, if you get them off the stuff for a few hours or even a day they are just fine people who act high even when they are not are the people who shouldnt blaze i am in shock to know of people who smoke but keep it a secret from everyone which is the way it should be, everyone has an addiction to something, from work to drugs my only fight and reason for this argument is to get it to the people who really need it people with medical problems first, recreation can come later, or never it feels good to speak to someone you love that says they are finally happy and enjoyong eating food after fighting cancer for a long time because of a plant

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I never said they have a good relationship, they have the shittiest relationship I know of. The reason I used them as an example was because they are both naturally aggressive people and when they smoke it makes them passive. It's bad that they're like that and I feel really sorry for their kids, but there's nothing I can do. Now don't go saying weed makes people shitty parents because they're not the best parents when they're sober and I am completely against smoking when kids are around because that's completely irresponsible. Weed should not be in the hands of irresponsible people, especially irresponsible people with kids.

Smokergirl are you by any chance sitting by your computer waiting to jump on all the comments that are against weed? Oh and if they get along so well when they're high perhaps that's when they made their kids...

he wanted to try one every childs thinks of doing it and some actually have the balls to try one out

taipan are you waiting by your computer to bash every comment made for weed? in history about 10 people have died from water poisoning still 10 times more then weed the government portrays weed as bad and that is the only reason it is bad, when doctors are moving for legazation government says no, crazy thank nixon for his wonderful non reasearched campaign against weed to deture everyone from watergate, no more arguing from me sorry if anyone got offended but neither sides will ever win peace everyone!!!!!

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no I'm not sitting at a computer, I'm just incredibly bored and it appears you're doing the same, as is everyone else in this argument. No, the were drunk when they "made their kids" being high does not affect your ability to keep from getting pregnant. This is the last thing I'm going to say. Obviously you are against smoking weed, and that's fine you have your own opinion. I don't have a problem with that, but what I do have a problem with is you being so judgemental about it. Why are you going to bitch at me for someone I know having an unhealthy relationship which they are working on and have even had a lot of improvement. So do me a favor and quit talking shit to me about this. It's completely ineffective.

and weed actually makes men infertile so long time smokers getting pregnant is very slim, stonergirl enjoy the ride cause our lives we are living are lives to the fullest with no regrets, other people if you dont like it keep on keeping on cause your lives are just as great without it

I feel this needs to be said. But, Will you all just shut up?! This is the most pointless argument on FML.

robertdr: No, I've made three comments on this thread as opposed to your many comments. And what ? Please go smoke a blunt and chill. smokergirl: Again, three comments. And sex while high is actually quite a popular pastime for those who are into that sort of thing, so 'scuse me. Don't get so emotional and defensive. Please go smoke a blunt and chill. cakeeeee: AGAIN, three comments on this thread. There are a lot of assumptions in your comment. And I don't care where you're going to school. And people who don't know how to do a drug are idiots? Really? *sigh, eyeroll*. Please go smoke a blunt and chill.

we all dont smoke blunts and chill i have an evaporator i use about two to three times a week, so i can sleep and regulate my apetite, *whips out the bible and falls in to prayer oh please oh please sweet jesus let this little girl get her period so she can grow up

weed is still something you smoke and although its "better than ciggarettes," its still not good for you. nothing you smoke is ever going to be completley unharmful. but i dont bash anyone for trying it but i dont see the point in feeling the need to try either of them

Ok now I'm just having fun; you're getting all worked up over your precious weed muahahaaa. I'm not religious and almost your age.

HAHAHAHAHAHA! # 11 Thats exactly what i was thinking. Ciggarettes? really?

Oh and not smoking weed doesn't make someone immature.

173: :D!!! 174: Almost their age. Meaning you are still younger.

^^wtf does that have to do with anything..?


u shouldn't have tryed it. smoking is very very very bad!!!!!

i am messing with u i have found common ground i am not religous and since you are my age and not a 13 yr old like i assumed you were i apologize for my immature comment i had fun arguing but honestly dont care, (i thought you were a little kid in dare)if they take away my vodka then we have a problem sorry:(

178, read the latter half of the posts and you'll realize what's going on. :/

Haha robertdr it's all good I had fun messing with your weed-smoking ass as well. Hope to start a pointless internet argument with you again soon. 5t3 you're younger than me

yea it was a good waste of an hour and a half later gator

Tai, I don't see any proof. Nor do I see how this relates to anything; I never said my age was relevant.

If your age is irrelevant then mine's irrelevant. And so's his. And your mom's.

186: Ok now I'm just having fun; you're getting all worked up over your precious weed muahahaaa. I'm not religious and almost your age. ^ Was that not your comment? we all dont smoke blunts and chill i have an evaporator i use about two to three times a week, so i can sleep and regulate my apetite, *whips out the bible and falls in to prayer oh please oh please sweet jesus let this little girl get her period so she can grow up ^Was this not the comment you were responding to? If you are almost someone's age, that implies you are slightly younger. So the 'little girl' comment applies. Your age is relevant in that sense, not to me, but to the comment. My age is not relevant to any comments.

*Yawn* yes, but your comment pointing out that I am younger than him was pointless.

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Why do we bicker? Peyote is where it's AT! I kid. I kid.

Why on earth would you want to try such a dirty, addictive and expensive thing such as smoking? Because they smell so good?!

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not even once. this applies to everything. not just meth.

my sis smokes weed and she acts like a complete rúh-tard she also IS addicted to it... she's 30, she can do whatever she wants, she's conscious about it and she wants me NOwhere near weed.

do you work at a call center ? how much do you make per hour $1 ? just a survey.

weed makes some people act like total idiots. and it is addictive. I know many people who would give their lives for a hit. but im sure some people are just fine w it.

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Well, at numero ninety three, sure, I'll give you that one case, but where have you found any other cases of somebody living that long and being a smoker? Op deserves it for not looking at the commercials on the television stating "↑Above the influence" and "Truf" or however you spell that anti-smoking campaign with the musical entertainment. Generalized data depicts that on a massive landslide of a chance, people who smoke will get addicted, live shorter, seem far less attractive and be far more subject to the symptoms of depression and the what-not due to monatary, anti-social, or even medical reasons. ._.;

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you should be happy that she cares enough about you to send you there

I love the cases that smokers use to try and defend themselves ^^ Weed's a little harder, I don't know as much on that, just general effects of drugs. I think alot of you guys seem to be judging it on a short term relief basis, rather than long term full health. you say it reduces lung capacity by 1%? well that's great for people. but what does it do to the rest of the body? what about blood condition or blood pressure? I need to look at this more before I act like I know this, but you should see ECGs of drug users when compare to normal aswell.

In my opinion, I wish people (my friends for example) would never do any drugs. But if they were going to, I'd prefer it be shrooms or weed before anything else. Why? they aren't as bad as other drugs. Sure I'd like it if they didn't do those two either, but I can't flip out at them for doing it, simply because I do drink occasionally. In my mind, cigarettes are disgusting, and fall in line just being a bit better than hardcore drugs like meth. For me, alchohol, weed and shrooms all, in my opinion, are the best and only things a person should do, If they are going to try anything. You may disagree with alchohol, but what I think, when you drink responsively, you won't kill anyone with drunk driving or poisen yourself from drinking to much. When it comes down to my girlfriend, I wish she would never drink or smoke anything, even though I know that won't happen. She has tried cigarettes twice, and I was majorly disappointed In her because this was after she promised me she wouldn't do weed. And she drinks just as much as me (which really isn't that much, but she's a lightweight) So is it weird for me to wish for her to not do this stuff? Random things I know. (Sorry for any info that I get wrong here) Weed - helpful for medical conditions, some of which, if you think about it, can be treated with better ways. Over time, leads up to laziness, which will cause stupidity, to be forward about it. Can cause smokers breath, which is extremely unattractive in my opinion. A blunt may cause the same amount of tar buildup in your lungs as 5 cigarettes. Mood lifter, but over time a person can become depressed while they aren't high. Is addictive mentally, and if laced, can be physically addictive and a gateway drug. Mental addictions are usually severe cravings for achieving a high equivelant to that of weed. I know more, but my post is already very long. Shrooms - Honestly, from what I've heard from friends, this drug is very safe if properly used, not addictive, has very little side affects, is nearly immediately out of your system 24 hours after use, and is completely natural! I attempted research on this when I first heard of it and how my friend wanted to try it, and I was making sure they stay safe. I l couldn't find anything wrong with this drug. Alchohol - When used responsively, this can be a fun experience to be shared. I haven't done much research into alchoholism and other addictions, so I haven't much to tell. except of the emotional openess you can experience, and just plain speaking your mind. Anything else - Its all stupid, don't try it. Just my random knowledge that may be wrong that I decided to share anyway. Dont Insult me for any wrong info, it's not my fault!

if u really don't smoke then being there won't really harm u... u don't hav craves anyway

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just one incorrect thing. doctors do not give weed to patients. it comes in other forms. been there done that.

**** that weakass brown shit, only smoke the green

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weed is most definately addictive. I am addicted. I need it to eat sleep even to get off during sex. if I can't get any weed I have a panic attack. I usually smoke resin if i can't get any. so those who say it's not addictive because that's what they teach u in school are just ignorant. not to mention I am a better and more alert driver when I smoke.

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Mental addiction is usually far worse than physical. There are a LOT of people who are able to get past the physical withdrawl from drugs (which usually only takes a few days to a week) but go back to using because of their mental addiction to it. I mean, do you think an alcoholic who hasn't had a drink in 20 years and suddenly goes on a bender is doing it because of a physical addiction? How about that person who hasn't smoked in a decade and still fights cravings every time they see someone else light up? The mental addiction is far worse and longer lasting than anything the physical side can bring. And rehab for cigarettes? What a freak of a parent. All I did was take away my kid's cell phone for a few days.

How much pot would a pot head smoke since a pothead does smoke pot? A pot head would smoke as much as a pot head could since a pot head does smoke pot.

244: That depends on where you live. Some states legalize the use only in pill form, which is regulated through a pharmacy just like opioids. Others allow you to grow it or smoke it with a doctor's prescription, but technically it's still illegal to buy it. And then there's the whole state vs. federal law thing that causes complications and contradictions as well. I'm with the doc on this one, for medicinal use at least. As someone with a long history of difficult-to-treat chronic pain, I've been down the opioid route many times and experienced a myriad of shitty side effects. I've never smoked weed, but I've researched it as an option. I would much rather use a more natural pain reliever, especially if I can grow it myself. It falls in line with my belief in alternate and holistic therapies much better than Vicodin or Tramadol etc. The medical community's bias against it is still too strong to make it a comfortable option for me, though. From what I can tell, one of the biggest reasons it's not legal yet is because pharm companies don't hold a monopoly on the manufacture and distribution. As for mental vs. physical addiction, it's very difficult to separate the two, let alone compare them. The mind-body connection is much more powerful than we tend to credit it in the US. The issues of dependancy and pseudo-addiction further complicate matters-- they're all very different animals, and need to be treated by very different approaches.

mattman, if you don't like weed...YOU CAN GEEEEET OUT!!!!! but seriously you need to smoke a blunt and relax, you seem way to high strung.

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weed Is not addictive. it's a plant and you can't be addicted to a plant, it's not like pills or anything. people just become obsessed with it.

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@#34--Joke's on you, we're all gonna die eventually.

Melaniee, what do you think is in cigarettes? A plant. And people get addicted to cigarettes.

I like how every fml even related to smoking gets bombed with YDI. He had 1 cigerette, shouldn't you all be heading to church rather than being on FML?

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#35, you're a parent and you know many kids who are smoking without their parents' knowledge? Why the hell don't you tell their parents then?

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You do not become dependent in weed. Your body does not need weed to function like it would with something like crack. Crack makes you experience hallucinations when coming off the high and makes you new it to continue with your life. Weed makes you tired and chill. Don't talk shit if you don't know shit

No 107, she was criticizing you for talking about it like you knew the whole story, instead of how you've seen your friends behave-_-

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WOW. Did you try to explain that to her?

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Overreaction much? I wonder if the rehab will even accept you:p

Kawaiichan42 3

I don't think they will. My little sister has been to rehab three times, and there was never a kid in there for cigarettes. They were all addicted to cigarettes, but they were being treated for more serious things like pot, pills, ecstasy, heroin, coke and such. I'm pretty sure a rehab center will just laugh at OP's mom, and send her on her way.

It's funny. Where I live, there's actually a "Nicotine Anonymous" class. Totally ridiculous.

Kawaiichan42 3

104, are you talking about N.A. classes? Because that stands for Narcotics Anonymous. If not, I'm actually pretty interested in hearing more about these Nicotine Anonymous groups. I don't smoke, but I'm sure my sister's P.O. would like to hear about them.

No, it was actually a nicotine anonymous class. I laughed when I saw the flyer.

My dad smoked 2-3 packs of unfiltered PallMall reds for decades. He tried everything, but only going to a support group for smokers helped him enough to quit. The same ideas used in other groups apply-- accountability, judgement-less support, etc. Who cares how silly it sounds if it helps people quit?

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wow your mom don't play op. how old are you?

ydi for trying new things.... you should know better op

rehab... for cigarettes... didn't know that was even possible. it's your fault for keeping the evidence, especially if you didn't like it

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I know it's called throwing it away.

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why would someone go to rehab for cigarettes, that's bullshit