By Anonyme - Luxembourg
Today, my sister insisted on taking a picture of her plate of pasta “to show her friends what an unworthy family we are”. It was only after she put a candle on her plate that we realized we forgot her birthday. All of us. FML
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  Briarpatch  |  20

Not everyone on FB makes their birthday public. I don't let anyone see my birthday on FB except me. I'm old enough that my birthday isn't a big deal to me, and I don't want to spend the whole day hitting "Like" and typing "Thanks!"

  LyricaSilvan  |  29

While I agree that the sister has more right to be upset here, you don't seem to realize this is probably an FML because of guilt. OP likely feels like shit for forgetting, and you coming along and being a sarcastic tool about it doesn't help.

By  gracehi  |  31

Your sister is the queen of passive aggressive. You should give her three gifts: one for her birthday, one for forgetting her birthday, and one to congratulate her for attaining the passive aggressive throne.

  TrebleMajor  |  13

I did grow up as a JW and it sucks. We left it when I was about 12 but I had never had a birthday party or ever been to one. It did really suck a lot, especially in the fall when you had Halloween, thanksgiving, and Christmas and everyone was so excited and you couldn't celebrate any of it. Whenever the class had holiday parties I had to stay in the library and couldn't participate

By  yerawizardlizzy  |  27

As often as I see FMLs like this I wonder if I just have a weird ability to remember birthdays. I rarely forget a birthday. I even remember birthdays for people who don't deserve to have their birthday remembered. I can even rattle off the birthdays for every member of *NSYNC. Maybe I'm weird in remembering dates.


I think that's pretty awesome. I have everyone's birthdays and other important dates written down on a wall calendar (as well as notifications on my phone), since I know I wouldn't remember them otherwise. You're lucky! :)


Thanks for replying, guys! I was genuinely curious if it was just me. And it's just birthdays too; I was terrible at dates in history class and I couldn't tell you the exact date I graduated high school. How strange!