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Today, my maths teacher was giving my whole class a lecture on 'if you don't pay attention at school, you will fail.' She then pointed out out a man working on the roof and said: 'if you don't listen, you will end up like that guy.' That was my dad. FML
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i think it would be better to pay attention, or else you might end up as... her!

Your Dad probably earns more than that hack.


i think it would be better to pay attention, or else you might end up as... her!

I know. Because being a maths teacher is obviously the best paying job out. /sarcasm

well, I think she is right... What would you rather be, a man working on a roof or someone driving a nice car, wearing nice clothes with a job inside of a building in stead of on top of a building?

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I think construction workers make more than teachers. When I was in Alaska, I asked the dude that held the "stop/slow" sign how much he was getting paid to stand there and twirl a sign. He said 18$ an hour.

What on earth is wrong with working construction? No wonder people get crappy houses when teachers and other people are telling kids you're a failure if you don't become an academic. I'm a college student myself, but I don't see anything wrong with my buddies studying to become electricians and builders in highschool. They get a good, honest living, secure peoples houses for fires, makes it not rain through the roof, makes sure there ARE HOUSES to live in etc. Math teachers... Well, I was done with maths two years ago, and I haven't had much use for it since.

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My dad is in construction and makes $30/hour.

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lol I heard the ppl who hold those signs were the last ones to show up to work and they still make a ton...ooh the irony

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My dad is an electrician for atnt and he makes like forty dollars an hour cause he has been there so long.

I bet your dad makes more money than her hahahahaha

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Actually teachers make over $50 an hour, however they only work like 7 hours a day. So while she makes great money with benefits and a retirement plant. Her father probably makes more in the long run. Personally I would rather work inside in air conditioned or heated instead of on a roof for a livin

I would love to know where teachers make $50 an most states in the US, the starting pay is about $40k, which translates to about $20 an hour, if they only work 40 hours a week. Most teachers put in many hours beyond school, and often have to take summer jobs.

woah woah woah. where does it say construction worker here? hes prob a janitor working in the school!

to likesocoolike I actually had that chose I chose a trade (I'm a mechanic) over a job that would bore my brains out and I had the marks to go to university

haha garbage collectors make more than canadian teachers

121 Your commet fails, Canadian teachers are some of the best paid in the world. Its in the states where teachers don't get paid as much.

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121 is Canadian? what the hell? /confusion

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71... I work a's an aide in a classroom while going to school to become a teacher and teacher I work with she makes $58 an hour. this is high school level. if a teacher works college level they instantly make over $90,000 a year and go up from there. I work in LA county, Long Beach, Ca.

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Whoops 143 can be ignored... it was 3:30 in my timezone when I read that Hahahaha

Janitors get paid a lot too. Or you could move to the oil sands and make 120k/yr starting. Point is, professional jobs are always going to be better than the trades when you consider everything.

my step dad is a plumber and he makes nearly $50 and hour and he's getting a promotion soon. my grandma is a teacher and she earns less than $40. so basically your teacher is a jealous old bitch.

at 127 what kind of crack are you on??? even plumbers are paid better than teachers!

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37- they're actually making upwards of fifty per hour up here now. And MY math teacher keeps telling us there is nothing wrong with having a janitorial-like job, one that isn't the most paying. The world is taken care of by these "lower class" workers; I can't believe I'm saying this, but we almost have too many "educated people." well, you wouldn't be able to tell on teh Internet, but still... ;P

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People that work in contruction do make more then a teacher

My dads a pilot and he made 25,000 on just one trip!!!!

It might not be the best job to some people, but that might've been his dream job. People do the best they can to get by and support their family. And somebody has to get the job done.

Did you even read the FML?

Your Dad probably earns more than that hack.

Exactly! Teachers don't get paid a lot.

Then "kindly" remind your teacher of that fact.

Usually teachers aren't in it for the money, more the chance to work in a field they like and influence young people for the better, so pointing out her pay is probably a moot point. However, she does sound like a pompous bitch, and there is no shame in doing any legitamet job. Better she compare the situation with some lazy benefits cheat. And take her head out of her ass.

Your "maths" teacher? Maybe you should pay attention in English more.

Plenty of people in other countries call it “maths” class. See: Australia. Looks like YOU’RE the one who needs to pay attention.

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That was an excellent joke.

Say that he's your dad and he's a trained ninja

As opposed to an untrained ninja?

As oppose to a rent-a-ninja.

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im a ninja:D

Ninja please

oh my. probably mexican. im mexican. i know what it feels like when your father is a gardener -_-

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im mexican too nd my dad is a construction worker...he makes ALOT of money




Im white and my dad is a roofer. That's kind of racist lol.

dude someone 100% did that at my school my senior year. someone broke into the school to steal computers and bc they started locking the bathrooms during classes and after classes the thief took a shit in the drawer of one of the math teachers desk and wiped their ass with one of the tests that we were to take the next day. oh and when revering to math teachers I always use singular not "maths" not 100% sure but sounds grammatically incorrect to me, op might want to pay attention in English class as well.

what does op mean?

original poster :)

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hahah I thought it meant other person lol my bad thanks

I can't believe you got the right answer without a string of farcical ones.

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sue them!

Apparently we Americans are the only ones that get sarcasm as well, zach.

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What do you expect? He's Canadian.

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Maths is what they use in Britain, Australia, etc. presumably because it's short for mathematics? I think that the term math we use in north america is from arithmetic and not pluralised.

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I hope you pointed out 'Er, actually that's my father,' so she felt like the arrogant dick she is... then it'd be her FML

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^^if she said tht to me i wuld punch her in the face XD