By Anonymous - 15/01/2016 16:01 - United States - Worcester

Today, I finally had sex after a year-long dry spell. It caused an ovarian cyst to rupture and ended up with me in the ER. I'm afraid to ever have sex again. FML
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Damn, must have been some great sex before that happened.

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It means, some idiots assume that women can't want sex just as much as men, and that OP now has an excuse to turn it down in the future... Even though she clearly wants sex, hence this being an FML.

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I believe what was meant when this comment was made was that if OP has another dry spell she now has an excuse for it, not that she can turn guys down

#31 or that men cant take "no" for an answer and women have to come up with excuses bcuz men think theyre entitled to whatever they want and will pressure women into sex

34 is correct... I didn't mean that she now has an excuse to turn guys down, but that if she hits another dry spell she can claim that there's a reason for it.

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well well well, who's being prejudice now?

Not that she had sex that time. I'm saying at least she isn't a virgin and has experienced a two way ****** likely.

Damn, must have been some great sex before that happened.

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I've done it to my girlfriend before. Moral of the story: pound sensually, not unceremoniously.

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Maybe you should just slow down??

I hope that you feel better op. Sex is awesome.(that's what I've been told)

Ouch! My guinea pig also had an ovarian cyst burst and unfortunately she died, so it must be very painful!