By ThisIsAgony - 25/10/2013 06:48 - United States - Las Vegas

Today, my little sister is having a friend spend the night. Our rooms are right next to one another and the walls are thin. We are now entering the fourth hour of a singing contest so off-key that it should be illegal. FML
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You let them go for over 3 hours without going in there and secretly videoing them and uploading it to YouTube? What the hell is wrong with you?


littlexlune 16

Let them have their fun. They're kids.

Makayla18_18 13

And? My little sister isn't a dog but she still crawls on the floor and barks at the cat. If they're happy, leave them alone & go do something that makes you happy instead of complaining.

So if kicking the cat made them happy you wouldn't stop them?

TheDrifter 23

Nope, you let them. The cat will solve that behavioural issue all by itself.

omgitsmoe 26

Yeah , am getting real tired from defending your ass cat

Zimmington 21

Why cant girls quietly watch their dads **** collection at sleepovers like guys do?

how sick is this world that two little girls singing at a sleep over is a bad thing?? Sure their off key, their little girls!! And everyone thats defending them are getting thumbs downed?? You cynical people should get help!!!

Just because they are allowed to have their fun doesn't mean it isn't any less annoying. Also this is a site specifically for complaining.

Sing with them and make sure you're more off key. (: Make sure to sing the wrong lyrics too haha

Kids hate that. That would be the best troll ever.

I don't care what anyone says Backstreet Boys songs are catchy as hell and everyone knows the lyrics. Even a metal head like myself rocks out to Backstreet Boys every now and again. They are just one of those bands that no matter how much bleach you use, you cannot clean yourself from. And those of you who deny it are liars.

Thank you, SlapAndTickle! I always get made fun of when I jam to BSB by my husband. They not only can TRULY sing (unlike ALL new music in their genre) but like you said, its catchy!

ninjuh_wingman 29

"Scotty doesn't know, That Fionna and me, Do it in my van every Sunday."

Nice Eurotrip reference , # 19! That song will now be stuck in my head for the remainder of the day.

saucyrossi 18

You let them go for over 3 hours without going in there and secretly videoing them and uploading it to YouTube? What the hell is wrong with you?

kimmpwns 8

Go in there and tell them that Freddy Krueger is watching them.

monnanon 13

i doubt they will know who Freddy Kreugar is.

Check your house for ear plugs. Best wishes.

kick and break that wall and say " for God's sake lemme sleep". M sure they will stop after that :D

perdix 29

Record them and play it back for them. That will either cure them or make them sing even louder and worse. It's worth a shot.

ThatFancyPenn 18

I know exactly how you feel except for the that fact I was in a hotel