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Today, my six-year-old got in an argument with my four-year-old. I told them to go outside. The next thing I know, my son was standing in front of his sister's burning Barbie's Malibu Dream House, singing "Burn Baby Burn" and cackling madly. FML
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Hi, I'm CanWeMicrowaveIt. And today, I'm here to talk about a epidemic sweeping the nation: Dream House fires. Did you know that a thousand Barbies a year get killed in house fires caused by their owners? That's almost twice as many that get thrown away, or run over by a car! So please, call this toll free number 1-800-BAR-BQUE, or 1800-117-1783, and donate anything, to help these Barbies, left in the ashes, with no Ken to call them, And we will send you a picture of the barbie you helped. Remember, call 1-800-BAR-BQUE and help save a barbies life. Thank you


I guess you could say *puts on sunglasses* Barbie is one hot doll. YEAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!

Hahaha burn baby burn, she's a witch!

I remember when I did this it seems so lame now that I moved up to orphanages

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how did he manage to make a fire?

How exactly did he manage to set a large fire off in a plastic house...?

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This FML might be fake. Not a lot of 4/6 year olds can work matches/lighters. :l

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Unfortunately, there've been several 4/5 yearolds who've set fires either with matches or a lighter. It's definitely possible.

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56, and yet, he has more likes than you.

ibitehard 9

56, and yet, he has more likes than you.

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I would prefer an insane asylum.

Hi, I'm CanWeMicrowaveIt. And today, I'm here to talk about a epidemic sweeping the nation: Dream House fires. Did you know that a thousand Barbies a year get killed in house fires caused by their owners? That's almost twice as many that get thrown away, or run over by a car! So please, call this toll free number 1-800-BAR-BQUE, or 1800-117-1783, and donate anything, to help these Barbies, left in the ashes, with no Ken to call them, And we will send you a picture of the barbie you helped. Remember, call 1-800-BAR-BQUE and help save a barbies life. Thank you

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74- a little too long... Almost witty.

TOO LONG, DIDN'T READ? But on a lighter note, yeah I know, I just pictured it being read like the one dog commercial with Sarah mcwhatshername. XD But the phone number is pretty hilarious if I may say so myself.

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33- thy have Fml in orphanages?...

The point is that the children are young and were left with so little supervision that they

77- Brevity is the source of wit. But it was a good joke, and I chuckled, so thumb up for you!

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That child is an absolute genius.

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Yeah but then he might've burned the actual house down.

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And yet you've got more dislikes than the both of them

So this is where my comment went...Sorry about that.

Lol 204 its an Easter egg hunt sometimes huh?

well I guess burning something outside is better than starting a fire in the house

150, They wat? WHAT DID THEY DO?! God, the suspense is killing me

Agreed, without the parent looking the argument was bound to get worse.

The first thing we should ask is: How did he get the fire started????? O-o

Should've kept them away from any matches or lighters...

She never said that he lit anything on fire. She implied it, but more likely than not she was just upset that her 4-6 year old wanted to burn a house down. As several people have already said, I find it really hard to believe that a 6 year old could light a giant plastic thing on fire.

Uh, actually, she DID say it was a burning barbie house. Reading comprehension for the win

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That child is insane. I wish I was as cool as him. :P

Llama_Face89 33

The word you are looking for is "than" sir. With an "A".

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she's a witch, she's a witch, and I'm a heretic so leaaarrnn. :3 aha MIW

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#30 She's a witch, and I'm a heretic o_o Motionless in white :o

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Hope she had home insurance...

Your son is psychotic and an arsonist.

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You guys have feelings for a piece of plastic?!

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It's not just a piece of plastic. It's Barbie's Malibu dream house!

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ahhh how I would have kicked that Kidd in the shins.!:/ just for burning Barbies Dream House

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I sense the next mad, twisted doctor off human centipede...

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"Hello barbie let's go party!" "O crap nevermind ur dead!!" (insert devilish face here)

Its not all bad at least now ken will find a new gal to settle down with

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That's what Op gets for being a Sh*t mom, letting a 6 year old know how to use fire. YDI

Psycho kids are IN nowadays. Not that unusual anymore..

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Exactly, when I have children, I don't want some boring brat who gets good grades, I want a psychotic child who sets fire to public restrooms and stabs people's ankles.

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Wait till he gets older...oh shit

My brother used to rip the heads off my barbie dolls, and when I was born he tried throwing me into a fire place, pack dirt in my eyes mouth and nose, tried to shove a nail in my ear. He even threw a shoe at me when my mom brought me home. My family talks about it a lot like it's really funny. It would be if my brother wasn't still a bit crazy because he's given me black eyes or beaten me up.

Actually the so-called "Macdonald Triad" that's claimed to be predictive of a future serial killer is firesetting + torturing small animals + bedwetting[1]. So yeah, arson *is* one component. OTOH more recent research hasn't found statistical links between the combination of those three behaviors and becoming a serial killer later. [1]Persistent bedwetting after the age of 5, to be specific.

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Holy shit that means that a lot of old people are serial killers because they wet the bed and start fires

184, I'm pretty sure enjoying setting things on fire is a sign of a serial killer as well, so in the grand scheme, it's just as bad as animal cruelty. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the red flags are that every caught serial killer in history has at least two of the following: enjoys setting fires cruelty to animals wet the bed older than norm (preteen and even teen) themoreyouknow.jpeg

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This is a reply to the comments about the child becoming a serial killer. Thats quite a stretch don't you think? I bet there is a few people commenting on this post that have started a fire or two as a kid. The real question is...What was the mom doing during the time it took the kid to light the thing on fire and why didn't she check on them? And why did he have access to something capable of setting a giant dollhouse on fire (e.g. matches and gasoline).

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Disco Infernoooo!!! (too much?)

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Up above I heard music in the air(I heard muuusic) That let me know there's a party somewhere. Yes that is more of the song.

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Don't even understand how the kid got the things to start the fire...

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Future arsonists are the most awesome of children to have

Happy to see someone posted that this kid seems like a real boss

I agree, he totally isn't going to grow up traumatized or anything.

Yeah, the kid is a regular supervillain, if I had to state the obvious. OP, make sure you get him a mask -- you must support his dastardly ambitions! |the kid|

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Agree, apples dont fall far...

Apparently that one had been set on fire.

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Next thing you know, he'll be moving on from barbie houses to your house.... I wouldn't anger him if I were you.

You might want to tread carefully with him, and be thankful he didn't burn you or your daughter.

You send them outside,with just eachother,alone for fighting?Good parenting at it's best.I like how he had access to something to start a fire with aswell. PERHAPS I'LL POINT OUT IT'S SARCASM S/HE IS A BAD PARENT QUITE OBVIOUSLY.

What's wrong with letting your kids play in the garden by themselves at that age? I personally would prefer to keep an eye on them but just through a window would've been sufficient. I do agree with you on the fact ghat the kid shouldn't have access to fire-starting materials though

They are six..And four...and just fought inside.Now you send them outside with fire making equipment and aren't paying enough attention or watching them and fail to notice your son sets his sisters barbie house on fire.YEA NO PROBLEM THERE(I type in caps while being sarcastic.)

As a side note you can join the good parenting club with her!Congratulations! I LIKE SARCASMING!

Wow and you sound like a lil boy. At 6 you don't need to be watched like a hawk and idk bout you but I was a resourceful lil kid. It's not that hard to get access to a lighter unless you lock the drawer its in.

It doesn't take a hawk to spot a child with a lighter/matches.

And yes I am probably a "lil boy",Age 13,but you know it takes a genius to point out a bad parent who sends his young children outside with so little supervision he starts a fire.

JasonEP 3

Hey you ******* retard. You might be autistic the way you have to say when you are being sarcastic. You don't know anything about parenting. It's old school parenting and it is a hundred times better than they shitty way your parents are raising you.

I don't think the fire starting equipment is exactly her fault, but the fact that she sent them outside when they're mad at each other just confuses me.

Hey,no need to get offensive..but yea I don't think it is..If your child is burning things down,that's a sign something is wrong in your parenting alone.Not to mention access to a lighter or matches,and getting as far as using them.

SteveTonyY 3

Wow this kid just completely destroyed all of your defensive arguments. This "13 year old" just proved to wiser then all of you saying it wasn't bad parenting. If you don't see this as a parental ignorance than you parents have failed.

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Well, when I was 6 I didn't know how to strike a match or light a lighter... So ya there's something wrong in there parenting...... and both of my parents smoked....

dun-dun-dun-dun, This Is where I come in. 1) You're on the internet, you're also on a parenting website taking ideas from that 2) you know nothing about parenting 3) you are obviously trolling with your infromation, got people on your side, but you'll soon learn that you're just a ******* kid with no idea of the outside world, THE REAL WORLD.....

Actually everything I typed came from my mind,so invalid argument.

Perception of the real world is limited,and obviously I would make a better parent and have held better more sensible argument then all of the people who have commented regarding my post.

Since I got nothing from your comment so far, tell us more or so-called Mr "I would make a better parent". Do you consider yourself perfect over any normal human being you little show off 13 yr. old beiber lover?...

Jokingly,in my about me I said that...Of course I'm not perfect,that was the basis of my username "HideouslyHuman" to say I'm imperfect.And I'm a boy.I don't like Justin Bieber,and I don't understand how your judging me like your an all mighty person,your only 16.

and I wasn't showing off.It was a verbal dispute and I was holding my ground.That's like if someone tries to kill you,and you use your strength to stop them,then you are a show-off?

I'm not an almighty person, just more intelligent. Back to the parenting argument. How can that be considered bad parenting? Siblings could play together, how the child know how to light the matches IS NOT BAD PARENTING. Obviously the little bastard learned it from someone. Argument, Invalid. Plus your second post was unecessary, since I did not meant it like that...

Excuse me,my last comment got cut I was saying,it is bad parenting because they are four and six.They are young.They should not be with so little supervision that they can start a fire,and should not have been sent outside for fighting.

I think you are getting me confused with someone else,lighting matches/lighters are relatively easy to use,but they should not be so easily available to the child.

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Hidiouslyhuman had a point and he made a pretty damn good argument. When kids are fighting, as a parent you should mitigate the problem. Instead, OP sent them outside unsupervised to continue fighting. That's not good parenting.

iknowimawesome 13

Why can't we be frieeennds why can't we be friends...?

At four and six the parent shouldn't have to sit on the porch staring at them in their own backyard. Kids can get into a lot of trouble quickly. Hypothetically let's say this happens: parent sends kid outside, parent goes to (insert any action that would take minimum of 20 seconds) parent looks back sees fire with kid standing around it. Pray tell where the bad parenting came in?

The part where the parent was gone long enough for the kid to start a fire.And where the kid got a lighter and matches to start with.

hmmm? You're pretty damn good kid, i'll admit that. I think I'm going to stop this argument, it's gonna last long and not part of my time. so, don't do bad stuff...yadda yadda dollhouses on fire is bad...yadda yadda yadda... later world. (beaten by a 13 year old, [kills myself] embarassing)...

Hmm that's interesting because at six - or kindergarden/first grade age - I didn't know parents still had to watch their kids every ******* second of the day. Yeah curse the OP and her need to do something around the house. You know what let's have her kids taken away because she had to pee and wasn't able to watch her six year old kid!

One last thing, Its nice to know there are kid's like you out there. We do have a chance for a future after all...

That was one hell of a long argument and hideouslyhuman made it pretty clear he's smarter than everyone who opposed him and he's only 13, imagine when he's you're age (and when I say that I'm referring to the people that had argued against him, and even though they were older, lost) I usually hate snobby kids that are younger than me but think they know more, but I give huge props to this kid because he obviously knows what he's talking about and didn't even need to use vulgarity to get his point across, thumbs up to you hideouslyhuman, or whatever we kids say nowadays

The boy started a fire.His mom wasn't supervising him,and if he is willing to start a fire imagine what he would do to his sister.The fact that light and matches is bad.The parent not watching is bad.The boy having a mind to start a fire is bad.The parent sending them outside over fighting is bad.Overall it is bad parenting.

A four and six year old were ARGUING, not trying to kill each other. "mom he/she hit me!!!" "moommm he/she took my toy" annoying yes, life threatening no. Parent says go outside. If anything would have been bad parenting it would be when the boy learned to light fires from something he saw on tv, and upon remembering he saw someone light a fire wanted it to burn. All of you somehow made the kids out to be trying To kill each other in this "fight" when OP uses the term arguing.

..That didn't make much sense.But I'm pretty sure if you read the rest I've touched bases on all that...So.. I understand they were arguing and no one tried to make it seem like fist fights or whatever.I was just pointing out that the parent wasn't doing a very good job by what they posted.

Now you're not making sense. It's perfectly good parenting to send kids who are arguing outside at that age outside because they are old enough to play outside in their backyard alone without a parent sitting there watching them like there is no tomorrow. My guess is the argument was over nothing like siblings will do so the parent sent them outside to play because she knows they will be okay and has probably done the same thing countless times before. This time kid sets fire not many people can foresee that one happening.

Hey so your just posting the same thing over and over again reworded...So I'm going to end it by saying: The parent is bad.There should not be a lighter OR matches available to them.They should not be sent outside alone with eachother after arguing,as it will get more heated without the parents say.They should be separated into their bedrooms.They should know better than to light a fire period,6 is googling to be outside alone but not to know right from wrong.It is overall bad parenting,as I said before.

Just thought I'd let you know your posting the same stuff as well. Oh uhm can you explain "six is googling to be outside"? Cuz I'm confused. And since I'm done trolling here cuz I'm not bored. Later, glad you are such a wonderful parent though it's entertaining to me actually.

Sorry "6 is too young to be outside" is what I meant..Apparently my iPod thinks I don't know what I mean.

Ah makes more sense. I was trying to figure out why a six year old would google how to be outside

Oh hideously, you don't need to rape your caps lock button to point out sarcasm. Most people will get it without it. And if they don't then they still won't understand when it's pointed out to them.

I'm totally with hideously human on this one... I have babysat kids since I was like ten and AT AGE FOUR AND SIX. you really should watch them more carefully. Everyone here seems to say you don't but if it is possible your kids can LIGHT SOMETHING ON FIRE. ya you need to be watching them. I know it's tough being a parent but still. If you can have sex you should be responsible for the outcome and take care of your kids. I hope you at least disciplined him in a manner where he could learn his mistake OP. otherwise ya you are a horrible parent

222-I've noticed you would think so,but I've seen enough people trolled to not risk it :-p

yadisingh 5

HideouslyHuman won this. Get over it :P

Um I don't believe I agreed the parent was right to let the kids have access to flammable materials and I think I made myself clear that she obviously should have been keeping a better eye on them. But come on they are old enough to play in their own backyard without their parent by their side the whole time. I have looked after many children and used to send them outside whilst I cooked the dinner as they loved to run through the kitchen. BUT I made sure to keep a good eye on them. One eye one the food - one on the kids.

So your talking about circumstances unrelated to the FML post?I could see whilst cooking dinner and actually watching them,but that clearly isn't what happened here.It is obvious they weren't paying any attention because he got as far as setting something on fire.They are still young,and what's worse is rather than dealing with the problem they told them to go outside like she didn't care.They had just been fighting,and without the supervision of an adult it could get more heated into a fight,and burning things down. :-P

It seems as though I misunderstood you completely,because I was under the impression that you were saying there was nothing wrong with the OP's actions.If that was not the case,I apologize.

Xx_Dakota_xX 1

Will there be a final kill cam for this argument??(:

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If my brother and I fought long or hard enough, my mom would make us stop and play a game with each other. It almost always calmed us down enough to tolerate each other. Perhaps that's what the OP was attempting. Come to think of it, my mom still makes us play a board game if we get too nasty to each other, I'm nearly 19 and my brother 17. It still works.

HideouslyHuman, I just had a SARCASM!!!!! Man, these sarcasms are awesome. |the kid|

Errr, if the kids are able to start a fire without a parent noticing, then it is a BIG parenting fail.

Rav,That is a possibility,but the post doesn't imply as so.It just says that the parent sent them outside to play.What your parent(s) did sounds much more of a controlled experiment than what this mother did...She sent them outside directly after fighting,and obviously wasn't watching them.The fact the child got his hands on a lighter or matches to start a fire is enough to come to my conclusion,much less the fact he got as far as using it.

Thenewguy,I'm glad you caught my mild joke. :-P

To THE A TEEN: Just stop talking. You're being owned by a 13 yr old whose arguments are more valid and articulate compared to your's. Just stop.

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Are you stupid or something????? How is it not her fault that the kid got ahold of fire starting supplies????? She is the parent and it is her job to keep them safe and she completely failed. She is lucky that was all that happened.

punkin_26 16

My previous comment was intened for cezrez. Sorry for the confusion.

punkin_26 16

Then lock the drawer its in #47! Duh. Not that hard. Parenting IS NOT THAT HARD!!!Do what you have to do to keep them safe.

cbdee 8

OMFG, OP said the PLASTIC doll house was burning, this took lil pyro more than 20 seconds! As the mother of 6yr old twins u give them space but u have to monitor them, no exceptions!!

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eh, its supposed to fill you with shame and make you sulky and not want to misbehave anymore. If its not your fault it just pisses you off more, and if the kid is resourceful then they feel more freedom/opportunity-for-power and the other kids feel more angry/nervous/mom-are-you-stupid-do-you-know-who-he-is?! hahaha ahh my childhood