By j - 01/03/2011 06:26

Today, I found out that the co-worker I have been dating and falling for is the same co-worker that had been spreading rumors about me and getting me in trouble with my boss. FML
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Don't mix work and pleasure.

At least it doesn't seem like it's gotten serious yet..


At least it doesn't seem like it's gotten serious yet..

Say she has a blue waffle.

#20 I lol'd at that

izztranlyn 2

Yuck! lol

well that sucks. dump 'em. get someone else

take a hint .... he/she doesn't like u, probably trying to make themselves look like an ass so u wouldnt like them

RedPillSucks 31

Then why agree to date? That behavior is sooooo odd.

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sounds like someone is trying to get promoted at any cost.

kick his nuts

Don't mix work and pleasure.

DaveOnDope 4

When I used to sell weed I'd tell folks it was a business doing pleasure with them.

jacob4848 4

Maybe that's his weird way off flirting.

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wait until he isn't on company grounds then kick him in his daddybags. if it's a chick...make fun of her hair and how she dresses? I don't know what you would do for a chick.

beebeeL 1

Tie that nigga to the bed and set the house on fire ....

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Ydi for dating a coworker.

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