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  Marcella1016  |  31

Funny 63 my first cat went APESHIT over was like heroin to her. My current two? Don't give a shit about catnip and look at me like I'm crazy. Only the youngest one even pretends to care about lasers (even though he loved them when he was a baby), and now it's only when he feels like it. Gotta love cats :)

  Warden1986  |  16

I have three dogs, I tired the laser pointer and they tilted their heads at me.

My friend gives his cat, cat nip then does the laser pointer 100x funnier. That cat will flow that thing any where.... Even will I'll leave that one go.

  Skadi_fml  |  6

Hey I have a Labrador Retriever who won't retrieve things. She might run after something you throw but won't pick it up. And she won't play with toys. Unless it is food. My cats like to walk on plastic bags and attack them. Not every animal does the same.

By  cybermolly10  |  7

Ha, one of my cats won't either. She just watches our other cat chase the dot around with a look that says, "Has he gone INSANE?" It didn't work on my cat, but try a green laser pointer, my brother in law has a cat that only sees the green one.

  killdozer1  |  2

One of my cats won't either. For the longest time I assumed he couldn't see it, but I recently saw him looking at it with minimal interest. He just doesn't seem imprssed by it.

  poppysoda  |  4

My fellow felines, do not act foolish infront of the humans, they will belittle us more than they already do. Calling us these strange names and making us come off our high thrones they dine on.

  supportcommand  |  17

20- I'm sure 13 does have half a brain. However, we all know the guy in picture does NOT have half a brain. I'm blown away that he can even function as a human being.

  Psych101  |  9

It's a real thing. I used to have a cat and a dog, and those two would square off all of the time.
I'm not saying it's like a cartoon, but they actually do not like each other.

  VeganVampyre  |  26

I've had at least one dog and two cats at all times for the past 14 years and they've always gotten along just fine. Just because you didn't properly socialize your cat or dog (or whoever you adopted them from didn't?) doesn't mean all cats and dogs fight.

  tisvana20  |  6

It's more likely that the two animals will quarrel if they weren't raised together.
The cats vs. dogs thing IS real though and I don't know why. My dog can't even see a cat without trying to dart after it, and he's the laziest, sweetest poodle you'd ever see. Maybe it's a phenomenon isolated to large dogs.

  outoftown  |  26

#34, Not all big dogs. Had a German shepard who got along well with the cat. May have helped that the dog was a female and not fully grown when the cat arrived.

  nevereyes  |  31

My cats will go up and hug our dog, and when ever theres kittens in the house our dog will constantly check up on them especially if she thinks some one toke one of the kittens.

By  Bibliovore  |  26

One of our cats loves a laser pointer, but the other just kind of blinks at it.

Try Da Bird. They look like standard feather-on-a-string-on-a-stick toys, but the way the feathers are set makes them flutter and sound more like a real bird as you swing the toy through the air. Our cats were quickly indifferent to a feather-tipped teaser toy but go crazy for Da Bird, as do all of the many friends' cats we've since given them to.