By lisha182 / Sunday 20 February 2011 11:49 / Australia
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By  TypoH  |  7

I have a perturbing habit of randomly sucking balls, guys, I just wanted you all to know that. Okay, carry on, gentlemen.

  kornhead09  |  0

Why is it that on every other FML and even other comments on this FML people say the same thing just not as blatantly but you guys decide to just rage all up in this gangsta's grill.

  iIixoxiIi  |  0

why are they firing you, OP? There must be a reason behind that. : If I were you, I wouldn't teach her anyway. How can I teach her to take MY JOB!!

  nicko_oz  |  4

ahaha if a business management major in Australia gets a job in retail.. Then they suck! Business management majors would not be working in retail but higher ranking businesses. You can become a manager in retail just through training or a simple certificate in retail management that takes fuck all


Today, upon my arrival at work, I was greeted by 2 police officers, 2 managers, my coworker, and a meth-head in my office. They quickly told me that the meth-head was wearing stolen merchandise under her clothes, then left me alone with her, saying I had to watch her undress. FML

By Undercover_Agent - / Wednesday 25 May 2016 06:04 / United States - Ankeny
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