By lisha182 - 20/02/2011 11:49 - Australia

Today, I got demoted from my manager's position, only to be replaced by a 21 year old who has never worked in retail in her life. I now have to spend the next month teaching her my job so they can fire me. FML
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don't train her! goof off until you find a better job elsewhere then quit on them.

Half-ass it, look for a new job, and quit.


I have a perturbing habit of randomly sucking balls, guys, I just wanted you all to know that. Okay, carry on, gentlemen.

what sucks is ur comment

typoh go suck a cock u cunt trying to bring a guy down asshole

Why is it that on every other FML and even other comments on this FML people say the same thing just not as blatantly but you guys decide to just rage all up in this gangsta's grill.

train her wrong so she screws everything up

why are they firing you, OP? There must be a reason behind that. : If I were you, I wouldn't teach her anyway. How can I teach her to take MY JOB!!

ahaha if a business management major in Australia gets a job in retail.. Then they suck! Business management majors would not be working in retail but higher ranking businesses. You can become a manager in retail just through training or a simple certificate in retail management that takes fuck all

don't train her! goof off until you find a better job elsewhere then quit on them.

Agreed except OP should train her just enough to were they don't fire the OP before she finds another job.

yeah she probably screwed up enough to get the sack. just teach her incorrect info and start skimming when no one is around.

i agree train her all the wrong things

haha first bitches and you should teach her wrong

well maybe u were a shitty manager ydi

Seems like it's a shitty company, as they expect OP to train her replacement for 0 pay if that is the case.

I smell troll.

I smell retard that doesn't know how to comment on FML'S

Half-ass it, look for a new job, and quit.

I hate when people tell half the story! I'm sure you deserve it if they are giving your job away.

not always man sometimes companies just go for the smaller paycheck

just dont teach her its that simple

The replacement must be a retard if it's going to take them a month. Also, THEY TOOK UR JOB!!

sounds like she's banging your boss

Is she incredibly attractive? Could be the reason.

to bad that's illegal to fire someoone just because they are better looking.