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  MandieL  |  27

I got a ton of clothes when my daughter was born and I didn't even have a baby shower. If I did I'm sure I'd be swimming in clothes for her. Plus usually they give for ages newborn up to 12 months, since babies grow so fast. And unfortunately sometimes you need lots because babies like to shit up to their necks sometimes. Those are my favorite lol.

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

I second this. Chances are a huge amount of those outfits were bought by other people. If your mom had a baby shower than the amount of clothes they get is insane. Plus, a lot may have been some hand-me-downs from when you were a baby, or from some friends babies. I know that when my sister in law got pregnant for the second time she had friends offering boxes of hand-me-downs. A lot of times a parent knows they're not having another child and therefore won't need them again, and because baby clothes are worn for such a short amount of time, they're usually in great condition. And if the friends just had the babies in the past few years than the clothes would all still be in style.

  Estrangement  |  25

Ohohoho noooo. I'm 17 and I love getting shirts and jeans. Of course, all of my clothes are band shirts and those can be expensive. (Going off on a tangent here, but its an example to help prove my point.) On Sunday I saw Iron Maiden live in Las Vegas. Shirts were 40$ a piece and 45$ if they were 2x and larger. Jackets were 100$ and a silk shirt was 60$.

Basically, my point is when you are a metalhead, getting merch is amazing because that shit can be expensive, even if you are 17. I actually prefer to get clothes over other things.

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

Not just that, but a lot of the clothes were probably hand-me-downs. No one gives teenagers a bunch of hand-me-downs, and even if they did the chances of said teenager wearing them are probably slim seeing as each teenager usually has a certain style.

By  Utetopia2014  |  18

Its probably fair to guess that your baby sister was an accident. I'm tipping theres quite an age difference between you two, seeings as she's a week old, and you're old enough to post on FML. So you got that going for you, which is nice. On the other hand, when you were a week old, you probably had more outfits than you have now.

  Mynamewontfi  |  40

Big age difference between siblings doesn't mean that the youngest was an accident. Some parents decide later on they want another one. Also, OP could have other younger siblings.

  heartofhannah  |  28

There's 9 years between my sister and me. She wasn't an accident. My parents tried for years with no success until they finally had her. Your comment is rather ignorant.

  cornyrob  |  33

Are you content with just four? If so, that may be all you need. No reason to keep up with the Joneses. Save your money for actual necessities. (But really, only four?)

By  pixierara  |  28

I think what probably happened here is she got your old baby clothes and family members gave a lot. It seems like whenever they don't know what to give they just get baby clothes.