By Stevarious - 10/07/2015 15:49 - United States - Sacramento

Today, I was finally starting to relax after a stressful and expensive move, where I had to give up half my belongings and furniture, as well as my cat. All the stress came rushing back as my new landlord told me that he's selling the building and I've got 30 days to vacate. FML
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Whut! I'm no legal expert, but wouldn't that be breach of contract?

YDI, a cat is a fuzzy friend, a new place to live isn't worth giving that up.


Whut! I'm no legal expert, but wouldn't that be breach of contract?

That depends on what is actually written in the contract.

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Not necessarily, OP might be on a 30 day lease or might not have a signed lease at all.

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The building can change ownership, and if there is a lease that overlaps that, it must be legally honored until expiration by the new owner as well.

YDI, a cat is a fuzzy friend, a new place to live isn't worth giving that up.

He's rarely ever serious. If he is, he gets downvoted to hell.

I don't know if he's serious or not, but I'm going to agree anyway. I wouldn't give up my cats for a new home.

Agreed. You can get an emotional support license for your pet so you can travel and go anywhere with your pet without being denied

I don't **** around when it comes to cats.

It's not because the cat can't move but because in most cases the cat will go back to its old house. We dropped our cat at our grandparents house so they would have somewhere to be while we weren't home. First year was fine, but the next one of them didn't want to be there and she spent two months finding her way back home. It's a 30 minutes walk from our house. Cats don't move as easily as dogs, amd I do not recommend getting a cat unless you're planning on living in that house/apartment for the rest of that cats life.

#28 I've owned cats my whole life, and moved with multiple cats more then once. I've never had an issue. Just like any other animal, including humans, it depends on the cat and their personality and preference

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Seriously? No. Stop. Your opinion is ridiculous!

Everyone seems to be overlooking some potential key factors: maybe the landlord had a no pets policy, and maybe the place was the only place OP could find that was both affordable and in an ideal location for him

**** that noise. When you adopt a pet of any kind, you are putting another life in your hands. You make sacrifices for that animal regardless of the circumstances because it depends on you. If you're not willing to do that, don't have a pet.

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That's not a good idea. People who actually need that license can end up getting denied because everyone else abuses it. The people giving out the license might just think that someone who actually needs it might just be looking for a way to take their pet everywhere.

#27 It's always a good thing to stay monogamous.

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100% agree #2! I trucked 3 cats and a dog half way across the US and then paid a $1500 security deposit for the little monsters. Pets are family!

you wouldn't give up your children if your new place didn't accept children, you would find a new place and make sacrifices even if it inconveniences you. so why don't you do that for your pets? my pet's are like family and I already made it clear that I'd rather live in a tent with my cats in the woods than to give them up. no pets policy is just an excuse. our pet's whole lives revolve around us. they need you and it's a dick move to just leave your animal behind. it will wonder where you have gone and wonders why you abandoned them. there will always be places that accepts pets. you just gotta look.

this could be a situation where the move wasn't an option and that it could have been a matter of give cat up or go homeless. it clearly was a rushed or arduous thing based on them getting rid of half their stuff.

We had to give up our cat to move into our new house. I'm sorry, Cuddles.

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Cats are fuzzy friends until they want something. Then you need a new arm, an eye patch, and a couple organ transplants

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That's so terrible! Maybe since your moving out you can somehow get your cat back. Try to focus on positive things even though it's hard :)

He probably should have been obligated to tell you that before you signed a contract... Or maybe it was in the contract. Hope you read it.

Yup. *If* the landlord knew the property was for sale and intended to order the tenant to vacate when the lease was signed, that becomes a "material fact".

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That's awful:( but you probably won't want him as your Landlord anyway

This happened to me a month ago! Lived in Washington for two months then the landlord decides to sell the house. Now here I am in BFE Michigan living in a camper trailer on a friend's property.

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i would get my money back. he shouldnt be looking for new tenants if he planned on selling the building. thats so messed up.