By Anonymous - 27/04/2011 17:34 - United States

Today, my landlord informed me that after 8 months, we are finally getting cable and internet in our house. I move out tomorrow. FML
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72- im pretty sure we already established that.

I'd die without Internet for 8 months.. that's means no FML!


I'd die without Internet for 8 months.. that's means no FML!

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31 you look like saint Pete saint 's baseball team...

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gosh, don't be so selfish! now the person after you shall have Internet and cable! sharing is caring, bitch.

They're probably tricking you so you might stay a little longer? :p

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Well, if it didn't suck for OP, there's a pretty good chance it WOULDN'T be on FML. Except for the douche bag ones that get railed. But nonetheless, you're quite right. Especially since OP ultimately has to pack and unpack boxes. Moving sucks.

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That's a picture of Katy Perry, not her. Dumbass...

72- im pretty sure we already established that.

uh. they do have cable as well as internet in Pakistan. mhmmmkaybye.

inform your landlord that your going to be stealing his wifi and stealing his cable for the next 8 years.

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Doesn't look like Katy Perry to me

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no. 45 ... ahh WTF ... get help... go to church ..., if u still dat big.... well use ur imagination X.X

#85, how does katy perry NOT look like katy perry

85 - It IS Katy Perry. Stop making people repeat.

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haha, this definitely calls for a contract renewal....

that sucks! hopefully you are getting a place that is even better that has both of those things! fyl, though, op.

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Op = Original Poster In this case it's the guy who wrote the FML... Why do people who ask this get down voted? It's an honest question, I had to google it

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Really, the land lords reason of getting it was so OP would stay ^ your the idiot.

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how does it make him a dickwad?!?!?! its not like he did it on purpose!! to #6, i was able to edit my comment but its intent was to be a reply to # 6

You are stupid, not for any particular reason, except for the fact that you are defending yourself to random people on fml. So therefore you are dumb


Samething i was thinking its not the landlords fault!!

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#70 gtf no reason to say that

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#78 dont mess with missbunny or I'll contact the cyber police ( Jessie slaughter joke)

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chill 74 don't go writing essays about it

I'm guessing that since it was an FML at all, it in fact WAS in the lease. But, congrats on calling the cable company, we're all pretty impressed.