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  oopsiess  |  0

Since when do people working on your house answer your phone? What a retard. And if he was sleeping with her, wouldn't he be smart enough to not answer her phone?

  glorbnakcs  |  0

It means: "what a sonofabitch!", referring to the cable guy.

"q" is short for "que", which translates to "what"

"hijueputa" is an informal conjugation of "hijo" "de" and "puta", which translate to "son", "of", and "bitch".

  dudeitsdanny  |  9

Actually, I'm Hispanic.
I was just.. raised in America for the most part..
So.. Other ways of typing/spelling/saying bad words.. and even some bad words...
I'm oblivious to. You don't learn a lot fo bad words when you live in Mexico from ages 3-9 ;D