By CasaDeLoser - 11/03/2015 05:32 - United States - Kent

Today, my kid made a new friend at school. When I asked her to describe her new friend, she said, "She looks kinda like you, only pretty." FML
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Kids since... ever! They don't have filters and just say what's on their mind, always have and always will.

ColonelCusswords 24

Raised a true joker, didnt ya?

Kids have no filter. Don't take it personally OP:)

so wait they have no filter therefore only speak the truth, shouldn't she take it personally especially if it's her own?

jaychourox121 15

One of my favorite things on the Internet is something that says: "If a woman tells you you're ugly, she's envious. If a man tells you you're ugly, he's a jerk. If a kid tells you you're ugly, you're ugly."

Tell her to act right before she gets smacked right

Did you really care about how you compared to your child's friend?

NinjaBoyDavido 13

Well congrats on your kid making a friend, not congrats on being called ugly.

it never said ugly, it could be words like revolting, sickening, hideous, eye gouger, and others :D

NinjaBoyDavido 13

Whoa whoa that's just uncalled for.

shiffizzle 13

At least your kid made a friend, laugh it off OP