By ncbb5 - 04/11/2015 18:57

Today, my boyfriend discovered that if you mix beer, an axe, shotgun shells and bad judgment, you get a rather expensive hospital stay. FML
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ncbb5 tells us more.

Hey, op here. I was supposed to spend the day with my boyfriend but I got called to work. I told him don't do anything stupid. We know how that turned out. Anyway he's fine now just whining like a baby.

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flirtin, more like married with children

Since he was drinking, why did he even have access to all of those things in the first place?

Maybe the bad judgement was OP's for not cutting him off and telling him to go to bed.

Schmavid64 13

OP may not necessarily have been with his boyfriend at the time either and only been called from the hospital.

Why would drinking make you unable to access things you own?

If you do dangerous or stupid things while intoxicated, it's probably a good idea to make sure you can't get to dangerous things. Yours or not. Something similar is my mother ordered something from tv while still loopy in the hospital-twice. So now she has the rule of whoever is with her has her phone rather than her.

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That's actually a really good point.

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The beer was probably in his fridge, the ax was probably in his garage and the shotgun shells were probably in his gun cabinet. Why wouldn't he have acess they are in his house?

I meant it mostly as in if I was planning on /really/ drinking, I would make sure there's nothing dangerous in my house which I could easily get to. I would either drink somewhere else or lock all of those things away.

Badkarma4u 17

In the average persons garage, there are lawn mowers, weed trimmers, hedge trimmers, saws, axes, hatchets, hammers nails, screwdrivers and numerous power tools, and flamable liquids. In the kitchen there are all sorts of knives. Poisons, cleaning chemicals. Im pretty sure most people don't lock all those away when they want to have a few beers. Just sayin'

Lol a quick search on Google could've told him the same thing

I hope your boyfriends ok but that's just common sense.

You don't mix beer and bad judgement. Beer IS bad judgement.

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At least your story might have amused the ER.

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how AXEpensive. oh, beer, I'm terrible. lol

This is the most American FML I've ever read

As an American I can say this is a small, over publicized sampling of us. As a paramedic, it can say these people keep me employed

16 is right, the rest of us are much better at handling our liquor