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Today, I missed my bus. I had to ride my bike 2 miles. Once I left, some jerk nearly hit me. I flipped him off and shouted obsceneties. It was my dad, offering me a ride. He left. FML
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Why would he nearly hit you if he was going to offer you a ride? It doesn't make any sense to me.


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Sucks to be you don't it? It won't be the first time it happens...

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I don't give a damn if he nearly hit you, tone the road rage down and be thankfull he didn't hit you. You have no idea how many idiots I deal with on the roadway, but I don't get angry. If anything, I feel better about myself for avoiding the accident. Besides, you're on a bike. car > bike. What did you hope to accomplish by angering someone in a 2 ton, screaming metal death trap when all you have is the equivelance of pipecleaners wrapped around a thimble?

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2 miles? That's like a 10 minute bike ride tops. God America is getting lazier and lazier.

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bullshit, dude, off your high horse. people on bikes are the least protected people on the street (besides motorcyclists). everyone pays attention to pedestrians, but it can be scary out there, because no one watches for bikers! cars are 2,000 pound death machines, and drivers have GOT to watch where they're going. it sucks that your dad's a shitty driver.

2 miles? you are such a wimp!!! it you can ride 20mph (easy to do) it will take you 6 minutes. not that long. I could ride almost 30 miles in a day. when I was 13.

If ,while riding 20 mph,it STILL takes you six minutes, it's a damn slow 20 mph

What is with all the anti American shit recently ! Screw off your nation isn't perfect either.

It's either screw you or **** off. Learn your native language, then post a comment again. People get anti American because people with English as a second or third language make fewer mistakes than most Americans these days.

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Why would he nearly hit you if he was going to offer you a ride? It doesn't make any sense to me.

I think there is more to the story than that. I am assuming that the kid was late because he was not paying attention. So now he is in a bad mood riding his bike. His dad comes up and slowly follows him. The kid, already in a bad mood, flips him off. (No one was almost run over). His dad thought how ungrateful he is and sped off.

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Agreed. Plus wouldn't OP notice it was one if their parents car? I would be mad too but I would defiantly notice the car if it's one of my parents.

I'm more confused about why he was taking the bus only 2 miles if he already had a bike with him...

yeah really it takes me less than 10 minutes to ride 3 miles and you bitch about 2... seriously... my average joy ride is 10 miles... in 20 minutes or less... you're pathetic dude...

agreed 2 miles is nothing, 3 miles is my daily ride to and from work, and joy rides on weekends are anywhere from 20-50 miles

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Um, I bike about two miles to school. With a twenty pound (literally) backpack on my back. The only annoying part is when it's cold in the morning. :|

2 miles is a joke after a long day at school. I ride a little over two miles to and from work every day with a giant bag full of shit that I need.

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Oh yeah, back when I was a kid, we had to walk fifteen miles to school uphill in the snow. Bread only cost a nickel, you could only get your gas on Wednesdays and church lasted two hours, it was good for them. Two hours was nothing. We had forty hour days back then. Kids then didn't steal and if you did, you had a wooden spoon coming your way. President Truman knew what he was doing. My uncle sold fruit for a living.

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Agreed. Two miles is a joke. I WALK more then that in the streets of Iraq with a 30lb Interceptor Body Armor(IBA) with at least another 20lbs of ammo and other shit attached to it, carrying an M-4 rifle and an M-9 attached to my leg. If you're going to bitch about riding a bike, you better be riding at least twenty miles. Otherwise you should probably think about going to the gym and getting in shape.

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Your an ass hole, If you were on a sidewalk it wouldn't have happened. 2 miles? How fat are you?

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Oh wow, 2 miles. I run 5 miles a day, volountarily. Get in shape. YDI

If you are bitching about riding two whole miles to school then maybe next time your dad should hang a donut out the window on a stick and get you to do some excercise you lazy fatass.

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Well since he/she missed his/her bus he/she must have been running late, so maybe 2 miles would have made him/her more late. I see no reason why this would make you think he/she was fat!

2 miles would take 5 minutes tops, in fact, they'd probably get there before the bus arrived!

hey arnie you don't have to rage seriously, fml is just a site to read about people's funniest moments and that doesn't really mean you have to rage about something like that

Well, for a more casual bike rider who stops at lights and signs 2 miles is more like 10-15 minutes. Besides, a bus is going to take a lot more time than that. They have to stop every few feet or so.

Two miles? Poor baby. I rode my bike 3 miles each way to school every day, up hill both ways, in driving snow and 40 mph winds, after giving blood. That's not even an old man joke, that's literally the way it was. And it made me feel ALIVE. Exercise. Get you some.

This, was exactly what I was going to say. YDI for being a dick, and for whining about a little 2Miles.

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#69 "Two miles? Poor baby. I rode my bike 3 miles each way to school every day, up hill both ways, in driving snow and 40 mph winds, after giving blood." Don't be an idiot. If it's uphill where you go to school, it's definitely downhill when you come back. What kind of world do you live in if it's uphill both ways?

@71 69's comment was actually a reference to a classic comedy joke. It often goes along the lines of "When I were a lad, I used to have to get up at the crack o' midnight, walk to work for 25 hours a day in the freezing rain and snow, uphill both ways, pay the coal mine owner for privilege o' workin' and..." etc etc etc. I forget who started it, but I believe The Four Yorkshiremen (Brits) are where the version I heard came from.

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"Uphill both ways" lol Bill Cosby. I heard it on the Cosby Show.

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if its a hill / ( if its a hill / (

WiseGirl98 5

if its a hill / (that is the hill) the mornings you go up the hill / then down then in the afternoons you go up then down / see? oh i hope that makes sense... @71

REALLY?! You're complaining about 2 MILES!? During summer I was biking 11 a day just to try and keep in shape! And guess how many cars have hit me while I was biking, that were speeding to a full intersection! ELEVEN! And I'm completely fine! All I ever got a was a bruise her or there, and flung 20 feet into another car once.

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You are on a roll if you get hit by a car every mile you are on the road.

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Erranty maybe you should have done a few more miles!

"I was only flung 20 feet into another car once." Pshh. only?!

@7: I was hit during different occasions... @9: I changed my diet with that and now I'm 30lbs lighter than when I started 4 months ago. @10: 20 feet isn't much for getting hit by an Escalade doing 30 out of a Wendy's parking lot. The funny part is, when they tried to sue me for the damages to their car, after I explained what happened to the judge she took the guy's license away for reckless driving.

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How much damage could a bicycle possibly do to an Escalade?

I cycled 11 miles for 8 years to school and back. When I graduated I cycled 20 miles to an education and back for 6 months, now that gets boring after a while. And I sometimes cycle 60 miles for fun. And I almost never crash, but the last time I did I temporarily lost my memory, had a concussion and half my face, hands and shoulder were bruised.

I came to this site just to hear about Errant's bike adventures. I am content now

How can you get hit 11 times... I barely know anyone that's been hit even once. My nephew once got hit on a busy intersection and had some broken bones. You seem to have been hit 11 times in summer, which means you got hit like once every 8 days and yet you didn't alter your route. Right..

Quite the hard ass aren't ya there buddy?

To them its about the money. A driver hit and killed a teen and then sued the teens parents for "mental damages"

Fail you dumbass. See if anybody helps you later on. I can understand that he nearly hit you, but if you stupid enough to not recognize your parents car than I have no simpathy for you.

If you get hit 11 times, you deserve it. Get out of the street. 11 times is 11 too many. And being thrown 20 ft? Exaggeration. Go bike back into traffic.

Oh my, 2 miles. Terrible. You must have been in such great pain.

Two miles... biking? That's anywhere from 5-10 minutes tops. Get up off your fat ass and do some exercise. Not a FML.