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Today, my in-laws came for dinner. My 5-year-old son chose that as the perfect time to say, "Good girls always swallow!" when my daughter coughed up some of her food. I have no idea where he heard it, but my mother-in-law blamed me, and my wife had to convince her not to call CPS on me. FML
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That's more than just a little extreme. That's in the realm of insanely extreme.

Mother in laws know how to swallow more than anyone , they just don't admit it. That's why they try to make themselves seem to perfect.


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harsh, hopefully you all talked it out

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no she should have let her called and let her make a fool of herself explaining that to the CPS (moron)

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**** talking, you pull that shit in my house with CPS, you would never be welcomed back again

It could just be here, but around where I live there are posters informing people about the effects of eating disorders, and on them it does say 'good girls always swallow'. It's supposed to be a play on words for the poster, but I don't know if they would have those around where OP lives.

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Mother in laws know how to swallow more than anyone , they just don't admit it. That's why they try to make themselves seem to perfect.

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If they knew how to swallow better, they wouldn't be grandparents.

Sorry 35, I'm forced to thumb you down. *you're

It's impolite to spit everyone knows that.

# 40. , I AM sorry for not caring enough ( Laugh Out Loud ) I gave you a thumbs up however :)

Yes, cause beating your child is always the solution... I think someone needs to call CPS on you.

And it's delicate people like you, 39, that are lending a hand in creating the "children these days" -.- I'm obviously too young, but when/if I have kids, I will be sure to beat their asses when necessary, just like I was taught.

Same here ^^, and #39. There's a difference between a beating and a whoopping. And no a whopping isn't always going to be the answer, and beating will never be the answer. There's times where you just have to sit them down and talk about the seriousness in it. But my dad whoopped me, and am I glad he did, seeing all those people out there fretting over the smallest things.

Yeah, because all children from back who did not get a whooping are turning out crap as well (/sarcasm). I've heard that argument all over, and it makes no sense whatsoever. There are plenty of adults now who never received a 'whooping' or 'beating' (regardless of how you call it) who have turned up fine. It's just lazy parenting, you can do just fine without it. "Today's children", yeah, right, as if there are NO lazy adults now who were lazy kids back in the day themselves... A good parent can get their kid to grow up fine without having to resort to something like that.

Yep. CPS is clearly the answer. We can all see how much danger your child is in. Smh, sorry about your monster-in-law, op.

Seriously though. Can you imagine phone call? "Oh CPS hi I'd like to report my son in law because I think he taught my grand-baby a vulgar---hello??"

Sir_ND_Pity 35

That truth was hard to swallow for your in-laws, huh, OP?

sexual refrence?? maybe. or maybe it could have been a sentence you used on your daughter to drink bad tasting meds?

If you scramble mother-in-law, you get Woman Hitler

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In what way is calling CPS for something that small right?

groovycrazyjoe 18

@11 see why probably never have kids

If the OP has no idea where his son heard such a thing, how is it right for the Mother-in-Law to call C.P.S? I'm actively hoping you are trolling. The correct thing to do here would be for them to ask the son exactly where he heard something like that. He could have heard it at Daycare.

Plus context matters, it could have been something like "Good girls always swallow their broccoli, not spit it in a napkin."